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‘The Ultimate Fighter: Battle of the Undefeated’ tryouts set for December 12

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Season 27 of The Ultimate Fighter will only feature unbeaten talent.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Sao Paulo-Brunson vs Machida Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, The Ultimate Fighter will continue into 2018, and there’s a brand new theme that’s been unveiled for this season.

While 2017 saw the long-running UFC reality competition use the “Redemption” tag for season 25, followed by the current season’s women’s flyweight tournament to determine the promotion’s first champion, season 27 will be all about undefeated male fighters. The UFC announced the news last week.

Fighters to wish to compete in TUF 27 must have at least three professional fights under their belt. be aged between 21-34 years old, and compete in the featherweight, lightweight, or welterweight division. Barring a complete change from prior seasons, only one or two of these weight classes will be featured, but not all three.

Presumably if there’s a no-contest or draw on your record, you can still be considered undefeated, but the most important thing is not having any number other than “0” in the loss column. Tryouts are set for December 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada, and filming of the show is expected to begin the following month.

As for TUF 26, that season will wrap up on December 1st in Las Vegas, where the inaugural UFC women’s 125-pound champion will be crowned.