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Covington to Werdum: ‘You can’t attack someone because of free speech’

Colby Covington reacts to Fabricio Werdum’s statements regarding their scuffle and boomerang throwing incident in Sydney last week.

According to Fabricio Werdum, it was Colby Covington who initiated their physical altercation in Sydney late last week that led to boomerangs being thrown. On Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour, Covington gave his side of the story.

As stated by the controversial welterweight fighter, it was Werdum who blind-sided him.

“All of a sudden I get hit in the face from the side,” Covington said (via MMA Fighting). “I’m like, ‘Whoa, what’s going on?’ I’m a little concussed, like a little bit messed up in the head. Like, whoa, what just happened? All this heat-of-the-moment type stuff. I look up and it’s Fabricio Werdum and he’s still coming at me with his coach Rafael Cordeiro and they’re acting like they’re gonna jump me.”

Werdum claimed that the root of their confrontation was Covington’s “Brazilian animals” remark, which led to him slapping the latter’s phone away. Covington, meanwhile, disputed this accusation, clarifying that these were the “old comments” that he stated in Brazil when he fought Demian Maia in late October.

“I knew nothing about Werdum. His claims are complete lies,” Covington said. “I said nothing to him. I didn’t even see him before he hit me in the face. He’s out here saying, ‘Colby was calling me a filthy animal.’ No, I said those comments three weeks ago. Those comments are old.”

“You can’t come up and attack someone because of free speech. It’s not OK to condone violence because of free speech.”

“Fabricio Werdum, you messed up, dude,” Covington added. “You messed with Oregon’s biggest bad guy and you went about it the wrong way, man. There’s a way to go about your business. You can’t come in and invade people’s personal space because of free speech. Now you’re in the hands of the Australian police and I’m onto bigger things: Tyron Woodley.”

Werdum is currently facing common assault charges for the incident and is scheduled for a December 13th court date in Sydney.

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