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Uriah Hall blasts USADA and ‘steroid-using d—kheads who make him suffer’

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Uriah Hall issued an incendiary message to USADA and some of his fellow fighters.

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When the UFC decided to clean up the sport from performance-enhancing drugs, it sought the help of the United States Anti-Doping Agency. From their end, USADA has indeed been living up to the company’s standards.

One of the newer practices imposed by the agency are random drug tests, wherein agents pop in unannounced to fighters’ homes at literally any time of the day. Some of these visits happen during regular hours of the day, while other instances take place in the middle of the night, as fighters are sound asleep.

UFC middleweight Uriah Hall became the latest addition to the list of fighters who have been woken up by USADA representatives asking for a sample, and rightfully so, he was not too thrilled about it. The TUF 17 alum expressed his sentiments through his Instagram story, taking aim at both the organization and his fellow fighters who have been caught with PEDs in their system.

“F—k you, USADA. F—k you, f—k you, f—k you!!! For waking me up for no f--king reason. I’m sick of all these steroids using d—k heads that make people like me have to suffer”

Save for Derek Brunson’s accusations, Hall has never really been involved in any controversy related to PED use, to his credit.

Hall’s next assignment is to take on Vitor Belfort on January 14th in St. Louis, Missouri.