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Bellator MMA’s ‘Pitbull’ brothers, James Gallagher exchange heated words on Instagram

It’s time for a social media spat, featuring Bellator MMA’s “Pitbull” brothers Patricio and Patricky, plus James Gallagher.

Bellator 153: Corrales v Freire Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Unfortunately for fans of Patricio Freire, they were unable to watch the Brazilian defend his Bellator MMA featherweight title against Daniel Weichel, as “Pitbull” withdrew from Thursday’s Bellator 188 main event with an injury. This news came just a month after rising Irish star James Gallagher was unable to compete in the Bellator 187 main event due to injury, but a couple of days ago, both Patricio (as well as his brother, Patricky) and Gallagher engaged in a heated exchange on Patricky’s Instagram page.

It all started with Patricky congratulating his teammate Luiz Victor Rocha, who won his Bellator MMA debut last Thursday in Israel. The perennial lightweight contender wrote the following:

Congratulations to @luizvrocha for a successful @BellatorMMA debut!

@mikekogan we want @strabanimalmmafor him next. Not only will Luiz win, he will get a finish. 145, 135, doesn’t matter. @jorgeguimaraes We had to deal with a change of opponent at weigh ins and we didn’t know anything about him. Yet he went in there and won a dominant performance.

We have a long way to go still, even so we’re much further ahead than what was shown today which was already very good.

Let’s go for the next one!

Gallagher wound up mistaking Patricky for Patricio in the ensuing back-and-forth, and the war of words went on for quite some time. MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz took the time to compile all of the relevant posts for you to read:

Gallagher: F*** you and your team mate!! I want you!

Gallagher: Stop being a pu**y putting your team mates to take your ass whopping you be a man and fight me! That's my belt you got so f*** you!

Patricky: @strabanimalmma you dont want me, I’m on another level & two weight classes above you , u been hit in the head too hard & dont know Who you are talking to . If u Fight me or any of the Pitbulls in @bellatormma , you wont remember what country you are from. You are like conor’s parrot but Your Mouth is writing checks your lil ass cant cash.

Gallagher: @patrickypitbull f*** You! You don't know who you're talking to. I'll whoop everyone of You's . You're a pu**y getting your team mate to take you boys beating. Yeah you're right about that part there's just so many of them I struggle to cash them all myself. But I'll struggle on.

Patricio: @strabanimalmma I’m seeing you’re really an animal, don’t even know how to diferentiate between who is who. Have some manners with your words, this trash that you say won’t scare nobody. Everyone knows @bellatormma protects you, they know the bad things I could do to you.

They said so themselves and you announced a drop to 135 after I called out your bluff. Then you moved back to 145 when we said we had @leandrohigomma.

So now we have a 4-1 guy, 1-0 in Bellator in @luizvrocha who can fight at both weights and whoop your a**. I wonder if they’ll say he’s too much as well.

You wouldn’t beat any of us. But if you’re happy running your big mouth and fighting lesser competition, do so and one day come try to touch my belt. I’ll send you straight to Tech Duinn.

Gallagher: @patriciopitbull Hahahaha f*** you too! Lets go you fight me. Don't be putting your team mates in for a hiding. Put yourself forward. You mean my belt you fool

Patricio: @strabanimalmma I already said I’d fight you in Ireland, you announced you’d run to 135. @bellatormma doesn’t want you to take a beating from me, so I gave them someone else to do it. Fight @luizvrocha, if you manage to get past him, which you won’t, perhaps Bellator would let you take a beating from me.

Patricky: @strabanimalmma yes you will struggle ...struggle to make it out of the First round!

Rocha: @strabanimalmma You talk too much, you’re trying to be @thenotoriusmma but just as your skills don’t match your talking doesn’t either. You’re way over your head on this and have no place fighting @patriciopitbull. You’re just a copy with no traits of originality. I’ll fight you anywhere, specially in Ireland, and I’ll finish you inside two rounds.

Gallagher: @patrickypitbull lets go then! Lets do it. Come to Ireland fight me. Well soon see who'll struggle.

Rocha, who is a member of Brazil’s national karate team, posted his own callout of Gallagher on Instagram, saying that he wants to “tear off the head of Irish chicken and [Conor McGregor] wannabe [James Gallagher].”

The 21-year-old Gallagher is 7-0 and trains out of SBG Ireland, just like the current UFC lightweight champion. Gallagher competes at featherweight, where he recently submitted Chinzo Machida at Bellator 180 in New York City. After contemplating a move to bantamweight for his next fight, Gallagher opted to remain at 145 pounds, although he does have his sights set on becoming a two-division champion.

Patricky Pitbull is coming off a split decision win over former WEC and UFC lightweight king Benson Henderson. While his brother is hopeful for a return to action in February, Patricky doesn’t have anything scheduled, but one would figure that with Michael Chandler set to fight Goiti Yamauchi in January, we could see Patricky challenge new champion Brent Primus.