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UFC VP: St-Pierre vs. Whittaker at UFC 221 ‘is going to come down to Georges’

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UFC VP of international content Dave Shaw admits their hands are tied when it comes to finalizing the unification fight between Georges St-Pierre and Robert Whittaker.

UFC 217: Bisping v St-Pierre Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Georges St-Pierre may be contractually obligated to unify his title against interim champion Robert Whittaker, but as of the moment, he has no clear intentions of doing so. And apparently, the current middleweight champion’s next move is beyond everyone else’s control, even UFC executives.

UFC Vice President of international content Dave Shaw recently spoke to MMAjunkie about where they currently are in the process of making the fight.

“No news yet. I think, as you guys know, the X-factor right now is how Georges is doing,” Shaw said.

“It’s probably going to come down to Georges. Three months for anybody is a quick turnaround, so if we can line up that fight, that’d be amazing. But there’s no real update at this point.”

If it were up to them, Shaw would be scheduling the fight to take place at February’s UFC 221 in Perth, Australia, which gives Whittaker the venue advantage. It will be the UFC’s debut event in that city, and they are hoping to make a strong first impression.

“Listen, bottom line is that we want to have Robbie fight in Perth,” Shaw said. “The stars are sort of aligning for that event, having a pay-per-view there.”

“We want to blow it out of the water and make it a very significant event and make a real impact – not only for Western Australians but for Australian fans all over the country.”

St-Pierre came out of a four-year layoff to fight Michael Bisping for the 185-pound title at UFC 217 in New York City earlier this month. He won via third-round submission.