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New York BJJ Pro Results: Keenan Cornelius wins gold at heavyweight

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Team Lloyd Irvin takes title; Keenan Cornelius wins black belt heavyweight division

Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor continued his winning ways at the New York BJJ Pro
Sunni Imhotep

The IBJJF ventured back to New York this weekend for another showcase of big names in the grappling industry. Athletes from not only the east coast, but other areas of the country came out to represent for their academies and put on some great contests.

Team Lloyd Irvin had a strong outing as they took home the team title. They were led by multiple competitors who reached the finals taking either gold or silver in various weight classes.

Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor continued his run up the black belt rankings as he walked out of New York with a featherweight title to add to his resume. He submitted every opponent on the way to the title and walked out with $4,000 in winnings. He was joined by his teammate Aarae Alexander who earned gold in the female featherweight division; defeating Kristina Barlaan of the Caio Terra Association.

Keenan Cornelius of Atos built upon his successful 2017 as he earned the gold medal in the heavyweight division where he defeated Tim Spriggs in the final by the score of 9-0.

IBJJF New York BJJ Pro Black Belt Results

Feather (Male)

1 - Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor

2 - Silvio Duran de Barros Saraiva

3 - Felipe Hugo de Souza Simplicio

3 - Kevin Javier Mahecha

Middle (Male)

1 - Felipe Cesar Silva

2 - Manuel Ribamar V. de Oliveira Filho

3 - Marcos Vinícius da Silva Tinoco

3 - Victor Silverio Santos

Heavy (Male)

1 - Keenan Kai-James Cornelius

2 - Timothy-Michael Spriggs

3 - Matthew W Leighton

Ultra-Heavy (Male)

1 - João Gabriel de Oliveira e S. Rocha

2 - Otavio de Souza Nalati

3 - Gabriel Lyrio Lucas

3 - Max dos Santos Gimenis

Feather (Female)

1 - Aarae Alexander

2 - Kristina Sofia Puruganan Barlaan

Middle (Female)

1 - Laurah Elizabeth Hallock

Medium-Heavy (Female)

1 - Nathiely Karoline Melo de Jesus

Heavy (Female)

1 - Jessica da Silva Oliveira

2 - Maria Malyjasiak

Super-Heavy (Female)

1 - Tayane Porfírio de Araújo

Open Class (Female)

1 - Tayane Porfírio de Araújo

2 - Nathiely Karoline Melo de Jesus

3 - Maria Malyjasiak

NY BJJ Pro Team Results

1 – Team Lloyd Irvin

2 - Alliance

3 – Danilo Cherman BJJ