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UFC Sydney: Werdum vs Tybura - Winners and Losers

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UFC Sydney has concluded a night that involved 10 decisions and only 3 finishes.

UFC Fight Night: Werdum v Tybura Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

UFC Sydney is in the books, and the Australian crowd witnessed a boat load of decisions, as 10 of the 13 bouts made it to the judge’s scorecards. Among the decisions was the UFC’s #2 heavyweight Fabricio Werdum’s dominant win over the #8 ranked Marcin Tybura in the main event. Despite the decision heavy card, there were 3 spectacular finishes, and 1 of the decisions was an epic all out war.

Check out the real winners and losers from UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs. Tybura.


Frank Camacho: Although Camacho missed weight by 4 pounds, he put everything on the line in what would be the most epic war of UFC Sydney, and earned a hard fought split decision victory over Damien Brown. Camacho displayed impeccable punching power as he landed some pretty hard shots, but also showcased his incredible chin as he ate ample flush punches to the face. Okay, so Camacho missed weight, but I think he can be forgiven, and deserves a seat in the winner’s circle after putting on such a hearty war.

Damien Brown: Brown showed up big time, taking on the larger man, and sustaining a plethora of powerful punches without ever losing the will to fight. Brown was bombed on throughout the evening, but continued to throw his hands, landing frequently, and continuing to show that he was in the fight. Brown may have been outgunned in this one, but at no point was he ever out of the fight. A sturdy beard and a gigantic heart were the name of the game for Brown, and although he lost the split decision, he surely deserves to be labeled a winner for putting on such an epic battle.

Tai Tuivasa: Tuivasa put the UFC’s heavyweight division on notice with an incredible flying knee knockout of Rashad Coulter in the opening round. Tuivasa was ahead the entire time, landing powerful one off strikes before sealing the deal with a highlight reel KO in his promotional debut. The spectacular knockout was followed up with a crowd pleasing post fight interview, where his brief words exhibited a likable demeanor. Welcome to the UFC and to the winner’s circle, Tai Tuivasa.

Nik Lentz: Lentz showed up huge with a 2nd round Guill of former teammate Will Brooks, and then proceeded to get on the mic to challenge anyone from American Top Team to put $50,000 on the line. Submitting someone like Brooks gets you a seat at the winner’s table for sure, and challenging your old team by putting up $50k is the sort of trash talk makes the winning taste that much better.

Ryan Benoit: Benoit avoided back-to-back losses with his 3rd round head kick KO of Ashkan Mokhtarian. Despite being hurt early, and breaking his hand, Benoit rallied back to land a sweet kick to the face that sent Mokhtarian crumbling to the canvas. Anyone that wins by head kick shall be awarded a comfy seat in the winner’s circle.


Rashad Coulter: Coulter is now 0-2 in the UFC, and has now been posterized twice, first by Chase Sherman, and now by UFC newcomer Tai Tuivasa. Coulter was on the business end of a heavyweight flying knee, that shut out his lights before he even hit the deck. Making it on someone else’s highlight reel gets you a 1st class ticket to the loser’s lounge.

Will Brooks: Damn, homey. In Bellator you was the man, homey. Da fuq happened to you? Brooks showed up to the UFC as Bellator’s lightweight champion, went on to score a unanimous decision over Ross Pearson, but since then has been finished in 3-straight outings. Anyone that’s gets finished 3-straight times shall receive a one-way ticket on a direct flight to Loserville.

Ashkan Mokhtarian: Mokhtarian seemed to be finding his groove, doing all of the right things, and en route to a solid win over a UFC veteran, and then BOOM. He was doing really well, that is up until the moment he wasn’t. Mokhtarian could smell victory, but that all changed when a well timed head kick from Ryan Benoit shut out the lights completely. Getting rallied on in the 3rd round is tough to deal with, and Mokhtarian will have to cope while sitting in the loser’s lounge. He was right there.

Anthony Hamilton: So, 4-straight losses? At least he didn’t get finished this time? With a UFC record of 3-7, you have to place him in the loser’s bracket, and ask yourself whether or not Hamilton’s next fight will be had elsewhere?

UFC fans: 10 decisions tho? Okay, so there were 3 solid finishes and 1 epic war, but still... Zzzzzz...


Fabricio Werdum: The UFC’s former heavyweight king just outclassed Marcin Tybura. Is anyone surprised? Not really. Beating Tybura really does nothing for the advancement of Werdum, and certainly should not get him closer to a shot at the title. The fact that this fight doesn’t mean much for Werdum qualifies him for a seat in the neutral section.

Marcin Tybura: Yeah, he got outclassed on the feet and on the ground by Werdum, but so what? He didn’t get finished, and he earned some 5 round experience. All in all, Tybura’s stock pretty much stays where it was before his fight with Werdum.

Alexander Volkanovski: Domination comes in many disguises, and although Volkanovski rag dolled Shane Young, he didn’t exactly dish out a great deal of damage along the way. Volkanovski put on a dominant display, but didn’t exactly strike fear into the heart of the UFC’s ranked athletes. For neutralizing Young, Volkanovski gets placed in the neutral category.