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UFC Sydney video highlights: Fabricio Werdum wins decision over Marcin Tybura

Check out the full fight video highlights from the UFC Sydney main event, as Fabricio Werdum bested Marcin Tybura over 5 rounds.

The main event for UFC Sydney saw the UFC’s #2 heavyweight Fabricio Werdum style on the #8 Marcin Tybura in a five-round affair. Werdum and Tybura went toe to toe, exchanging strikes for the bulk of the fight, but it was Werdum who pulled away as the fight went on. Werdum was able to land some slick punches, while Tybura worked to set up his head kick, but the constant pressure coupled with slick punches and kicks earned the former champ the unanimous nod.

Check out Mookie Alexander's play-by-play of round 4 from Fabricio Werdum vs. Marcin Tybura:

Round 4 - Dan Hardy telling us this is the longest fight card in UFC history. That’s not what I want to hear. Anyway, Tybura just kicked Werdum low, so the fight stops, then restarts. Werdum goes for the trip but Tybura is able to scramble back up in a flash. Fabricio continues to walk Tybura down and land those Muay Thai knees. Takedown by Werdum and I assume Tybura is going to be in deep trouble now. Werdum starts dropping elbows with two minutes left in the fourth round. Fabrcio is still in half-guard and hasn’t passed yet, but he’s threatening to. Side control for Werdum with 45 ticks to go, and Tybura scrambles to his feet again. Of course, Tybura absorbs more knees. Tybura goes for a takedown and Werdum attacks with a guillotine, and Werdum held onto that even after the horn sounded, to the annoyance of Tybura and his corner. 40-36 Werdum.

Look at Werdum turning up down the stretch:

Werdum sure does have some veteran savvy:

Watch these big men trade:

Look at Tybura escaping the back control of Werdum: