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Matt Serra calls out ‘f—king a—hole’ and ‘attention whore’ Conor McGregor for Bellator antics

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Serra: “If I did that, if anybody did that, they’d be called a f*cking asshole. How does this guy get a pass? He’s acting like a f*cking asshole.”

Matt Serra is the latest fighter to weigh in on Conor McGregor’s controversial antics at Bellator 187, and the former UFC welterweight champion pulled back no punches on the UFC Unfiltered podcast.

McGregor, the current UFC lightweight champ, shoved referee Marc Goddard and slapped a Bellator employee at Dublin’s 3Arena during his wild celebration with SBG Ireland teammate Charlie Ward, who knocked out John Redmond in the first round.

Former UFC welterweight title challenger turned commentator Dan Hardy, 35, called McGregor’s behavior ‘reckless and disrespectful’. But Serra, who officially retired from the sport in 2013, really let loose and called ‘The Notorious’ a ‘f-cking asshole’ and an ‘attention whore’.

“The point is this: He makes it about himself,” Serra said, per MMA Mania’s Dan Hiergesell. “He doesn’t make it about his friends. He’s not doing that to support his friends… Dude – you’re an attention whore. That’s not respectful to your fighter. And what about him jumping on the cage and smacking the official?

“If I did that, if anybody did that, they’d be called a f-cking asshole. How does this guy get a pass?… He’s acting like a f-cking asshole.”

Although ABC president Mike Mazzulli said McGregor had been removed from the upcoming UFC 219 pay-per-view on Dec. 30 due to his misconduct in the Bellator cage (McGregor had never been officially booked for the event), many pundits feel the Irishman will get away scot-free.

Serra, who is known for his sharp tongue, doesn’t ‘give a f-ck’ and thinks the MMA megastar should be punished.

“I just think it’s f-cking silly that people are like, ‘Ahh, well, that’s Conor, he’s bigger than life!’ He’s allowed to smack somebody? Man, f-ck that dude. I don’t give a f-ck.”

McGregor, 29, lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the mega-boxing match this past August and is expected to return to the Octagon to defend his lightweight title in the new year.