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Cris Cyborg signs new lucrative UFC deal ahead of UFC 219 title defense

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Cris Cyborg has signed a new UFC deal ahead of her title defense.

MMA: UFC 214-Cyborg vs Evinger Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of her title defense against Holly Holm at UFC 219, Cris Cyborg has also signed a new deal with the promotion. The long time featherweight champion, who has had a rocky relationship with UFC officials in the past, released a statement saying that she’s excited to finally be a “real partner.”

“Today is a new day with me and the UFC,” Cyborg said on her official website. “From this day forward we are on the same team working together, I am no longer in a position where I am fighting for a division or a chance at a World Title. I am excited to have to the full support of WME and the UFC behind me and to see how this will elevate the platform of my brand”

“I am excited to be committed to the UFC. Dana White has proven himself as the best promoter in the sport and with the recent addition of Mick Maynard as Women’s matchmaker I felt it was time to come to an agreement where we can both work together and be committed in both building the UFC and the Cris Cyborg brands.”

The article on Cyborg’s official website also mentioned that the deal was “rumored to make her the highest paid female fighter currently on the UFC roster, and one of the top paid fighters within the promotion.”

Cyborg has also expressed interest in trying her hand in boxing when the UFC indeeds pushes through with their plans to promote the sweet science.