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John Lineker offers to replace Dominick Cruz against Jimmie Rivera at UFC 219

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John Lineker would like to take on Jimmie Rivera, on December 30.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Sao Paulo-Lineker vs Vera
John Lineker
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

John Lineker wants in on UFC 219, after Dominick Cruz fractured his arm and was forced to pull out of his bout against Jimmie Rivera. As he told AG Fight, Lineker wants to show he’ll put on an aggressive performance, unlike his last one, against Marlon Vera, who he beat by unanimous decision.

“I would fight Jimmie Rivera. I even made myself available to the UFC, so I can fight him. I’m ready, I’m prepared. I want to fight again and it’ll surely be different from my performance against Marlon Vera. I’ll be different, I’ll get my rhythm going and I’ll be the same old John Lineker. Agressive and moving forward all the time. I’m ready.”

According to Lineker, the reason why he couldn’t perform as usual against was Vera was the 10-month layoff he faced after his loss to TJ Dillashaw.

“I could’ve given a lot more, especially in the third round. I like to increase my output in the third round. Everyone can fight in the first round. I like to show I’m still good in the third round. I pushed him too little in the third, because of my 10-month layoff. I really felt that. But now that I’m back, the next fights will be different.”

UFC 219 is scheduled for December 30, in Las Vegas, Nevada and does not have an official main event yet.