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Cub Swanson: ‘Maybe the UFC doesn’t think that highly of me’ for depriving me of title shots

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Cub Swanson continues to gripe about not being given a UFC title shot.

MMA: UFC 206-Swanson vs Choi Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Cub Swanson has been fighting in the UFC since 2011, but in that time frame, he has never been granted a title shot. The number-four ranked featherweight had already expressed how he feels he is perceived as a mere gatekeeper, and he once again did so during Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

“I’m looking back at all the people that have gotten title fights — Chad Mendes got multiple, Frankie Edgar has gotten multiple, Aldo multiple, Korean Zombie got one out of nowhere, Ricardo Lamas got one,” Swanson said (transcript via MMA Mania). “All the people at the top have all gotten them. Max Holloway took forever to get one and I was very vocal about him deserving a title fight.”

“I just don’t see why in 10 years with the company I couldn’t have gotten one. I feel like maybe they don’t think that highly of me.”

Swanson does not intend to renew UFC contract after he fights Brian Ortega on December 9th in Fresno, California, and plans to pursue other opportunities outside the company. Ultimately, it was more of a practical decision for him to make.

“I am going to get paid the most if I fight for a title or hold a title. That’s when the big opportunities come, but I haven’t had that opportunity,” Swanson said. “I wanted to fight out my contract to see what other companies were going to offer me and be able to show UFC like, ‘Look, I’m worth is, step it up.’ I want to fight in UFC, I love it.”

“But, I also want to be taken care and show what I’m worth and I want to to be appreciated, I like that. I’m old school.”

Swanson’s interview begins at the 2:28:47 mark of the video below.