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Video: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu presented with Bellator gloves, but prefers bareknuckle

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Bellator stars met the Israeli Prime Minister.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Bellator stars such as Fedor Emelianenko, Royce Gracie, and local fighters Noad Lahat and Haim Gozali. The 68-year-old leader was presented with the promotion’s MMA gloves.

“Ah, very nice!” Netanyahu said, as translated by Bloody Elbow’s Ram Gilboa. “I don’t need gloves. I box everyday without them,”

The Israeli PM also spoke about his taekwondo background and asked if his moves would be legal in Mixed Martial Arts. When Israeli fighter Gozali brought up ground & pound and submissions, the Prime Minister quipped “It’s terrible! Sounds like the (Israeli Parliament) Knesset!”

Netanyahu also took to twitter about this meeting in Jerusalem, saying “MMA champions came to visit me today in my chamber. I fight everyday too without any gloves, but it's always good to learn new tricks”