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Rampage not interested in fighting Sonnen: Why would I want to fight another wrestler?

If there is one fighter that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is not too keen on facing as of the moment, it is Chael Sonnen.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator MMA, the company he has been connected with since 2013. The first assignment of his contract would be to take part in an eight-man heavyweight Grand Prix, which will kick off on January 20th in Inglewood, California.

Rampage’s first opponent has not yet been revealed, but as early as now, he has been vocal about the one fighter that he is not too excited to face.

“I told my manager that I’m not looking forward to fight Chael Sonnen,” Jackson said during Monday’s MMA Hour episode (via MMA Fighting). “I just fought a leg-humping wrestler. Why would I want to fight another fighter who is strictly known for wrestling?”

“Why would Bellator want to me against another wrestler right off the bat? Honestly, I would say that wouldn’t be a matchup I’d be looking forward to, and I would be upset coming into the Bellator contract fresh off the bat and them giving me a wrestler to be honest,” he added. “Who wants to see me fight another wrestler, why wouldn’t a promoter have a guy like me who loves to stand and bang and have exciting fights, why would a promoter constantly want to keep putting me with wrestlers?”

In the same manner, Rampage is also uninterested in fightingFedor Emelianenko, who will also be part of the tournament. But this time, it is more about the awkwardness that he feels, being a long-time fan.

“Fedor is my favorite fighter, so that would be an awkward matchup if I had to fight him, fighting your favorite fighter of all-time,” Jackson said. “A tournament is a tournament. I would never sign a deal where I had to fight Fedor unless I was being paid like $10 million. For $10 million, I’ll fight my mama. If it’s a tournament, that’s the only way.”

Apart from Rampage, Sonnen, and Fedor, the other fighters competing in the tournament are Ryan Bader, Roy Nelson, Frank Mir, Muhammed Lawal, and Matt Mitrione.