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Video: Tattoo artists react to UFC champion Conor McGregor’s ink

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The guys at Imperial Tattoos in Toronto gave their honest opinions on the ink belonging to the ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor.

A few weeks ago we went to Imperial Tattoo in Toronto, Ontario, to run through some ink belonging to UFC stars past and present, with shop owner Ronan Gibney and artists Shannon Hayward and Evan Mackinnon. Last week we showed you their thoughts on work belonging to Cody Garbrandt, Mark Hunt, and Darren Elkins.

In the previous video they touched on UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s old school Americana gorilla chest piece. However, on the day they also analyzed all the other pieces emblazoned on the Irishman’s skin; such as the tiger on his tummy and the thorns along his spine.

All three guys, who count themselves as (at most) casual MMA fans, recognized McGregor and said they were fans of what he had done in the cage and boxing ring (which may or may not still be the case in the wake of the latest news being generated by McGregor’s actions).

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Keep an eye out for a bonus episode of these guys breaking down some... let’s say less popular tattoos... including those belonging to Alan Belcher and Joe Riggs.