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Competitive Grappling Roundup - 11/12: Fight to Win Pro 54, Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, Show the Art

Fight to Win Pro 54, Abu Dhabi Grand Slam and Show the Art super fight results

Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Championship Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

The world of competitive grappling never sleeps as yet another weekend passed with intense action across the country and the world. This recap looks back at some of the action from the weekend of November 10 through November 12, looking at some of the biggest match-ups, outcomes and events the industry saw through the last few days.

Down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam brought together some of the biggest names in the sport. When the event was over there were a number of new athletes to watch, along with some mainstays continuing their run of great performances.

Ana Carolina Vieira put on a show in Brazil as she took over the 70 kilograms division. She defeated all three of her opponents via submission; looking dominant in each outing. Beatriz Mesquita took the title in the 62 kilograms group, defeating Bianca Basilio by the score of 6-0. Amanda Nogueira and Claudia do Val were both victorious in their own campaigns; winning the 55 and 90 kilogram divisions respectively. Mayssa Bastos was also awarded a default gold medal in the 49 kilogram group.

On the men’s side of the bracket there were a number of new champions and returning top contenders. Jose Carlos de Lima defeated David Herrera for the 56 kilogram title. Hiago George defeated Joao Miyao in one of the top matches of the event; taking the title by one advantage after a 6-6 tie to take the 62 kilogram gold medal. Joao Goncalves defeated Rafael Mansur to win the 69 kilogram division. Hugo Marques was another big winner as he found a way to defeat a great veteran in Ricardo Lima in the 77 kilogram division. To round out the male black belt winners, Isaque Bahiense, Patrick Gaudio and Gerard Labinski took home gold medals in the 85, 94 and 110 kilogram divisions respectively.

Back in the United States, Fight to Win Pro continued its weekly push as one of the major promotions in the competitive grappling industry. At Fight to Win Pro 54 it would be Danielle Alvarez who would be crowned champion as she defeated Tammi Musumeci in the 130-pound black belt gi matchup.

Even though both women pulled guard right from the start they attacked each other relentlessly; going for foot attacks from the onset. They would alternate between toe holds and straight ankle locks, while mixing in attempts to take each other’s back. Due to her aggressiveness, it would be Alvarez that would take the title via referee’s decision.

Multiple titles were decided this evening as well. Edmaicon Moraes defeated Aaron Brooks via cross choke to take the 155-pounds brown belt gi championship. Alex Lane defeated Bobby Alexander via split decision to win the 170-pounds brown belt gi title. Matheus Gabriel defeated Vinny Saenz by decision to win the 145-pound brown belt gi title. In one of the Fight of the Nights Chelsah Lyons defeated Tara White via decision to earn the women’s 155-pound brown belt gi title. Match replays are available on

Black belts David Porter and Chris Civello had a super fight under the Show the Art banner. Both men were very aggressive with their attacks and after more than 20 minutes of action it would be Porter locking in what looked to be a very tight belly down forcing Civello to verbally tab.

Every weekend there’s some form of competitive grappling going on for the masses to enjoy. With so much action going on across the world, it’s each to catch big name fan favorites, and up and comers taking the grappling space by storm.