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UFC Norfolk results: Poirier picks up anti-climactic finish after bloody battle with Pettis

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Dustin Poirier picked up the biggest win of his career over former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis with a curious finish in the third round after a bloody and brutal contest.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Norfolk-Poirier vs Pettis Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

While the finish wasn’t what fans wanted to see, no one can deny that Dustin Poirier and Anthony Pettis didn’t bring it at the UFC Norfolk main event!

Pettis opened with a few kicks as Poirier whiffed on some punches. Pettis partially lands a flying knee, though Poirier continues the pressure and secures a takedown a little over a minute in. Pettis starts looking for a guillotine, but Poirier isn’t having it. Pettis than looks for a kimura, but can’t get it as Poirier crowds the fence, leading to Poirier getting in the guard and a few punches before Pettis sweeps and gets to his feet. A nice punching exchange follows and their back to the center. A pair of straight rights from Pettis follow, then an even exchange of punches. Poirier stumbled Pettis with a punch, leading to Pettis throwing a hard body kick. Poirier hurt Pettis again and went for the kill as he smelled the blood in the water. Pettis stumbling against the cage landing a few shots of his own, but clearly losing the exchange before the round ended.

Poirier came out pressuring again and it isn’t long before he dragged Pettis to the ground. Poirier began landing some heavy ground-and-pound before Pettis throws up a triangle choke. Poirier avoids and cuts Pettis open with an elbow and Pettis is leaking like a faucet. Wild scrambles ensued with Pettis again looking for the triangle and Poirier trying to end it with ground strikes. Pettis is looking for the triangle again when they stop the action to look at Pettis’ cut. Pettis continued to look for the triangle and got it in solid for about 10 seconds before Poirier rolled to escape.

Poirier opened up the third looking for the takedown again. He’s careful to prevent Pettis from getting in position for the triangle before taking Pettis’ back. He’s looking for the RNC with Pettis fighting it off. Poirier transitioned to the front, maintaining the triangle on Pettis’ body before Pettis tapped to an injury in his ribs, ending a fantastic fight in an anti-climactic way.

Official result: Dustin Poirier defeated Anthony Pettis via submission (rib injury) at 2:08 of round 3

Poirier called out the winner of next months contest between Eddie Alvarez and Justin Gaethje, a fight I don’t think anyone will oppose.