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UFC Norfolk results: Matt Brown knocks Diego Sanchez out cold with vicious elbow

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Matt Brown’s final fight(?) ended with style as he landed a brutal elbow to knock Diego Sanchez out in the co-main event of UFC Norfolk.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Norfolk-Brown vs Sanchez Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Pettis co-main event was bittersweet as Matt Brown had announced it would be his last contest while everyone wished it was Diego Sanchez’s last fight. Brown has walked back those comments a bit, but if it does turn out to be his last fight, he went out in style.

Sanchez stormed to the center of the cage before clinching up with Brown against the cage. Brown broke away about 90 seconds in, only for Sanchez to return him against the cage on a failed single-leg attempt. Brown circles off… and Sanchez again missed a single leg. Brown began finding his range, landing some kicks and elbows before Sanchez gave him pause with a body kick. Brown continued to stalk Sanchez with a few even exchanges being thrown. Brown caught a kick from Sanchez, marching him down… and a technical glitch ruined the finish for the television viewers! What happened in the interim was an elbow putting Sanchez out cold, the telecast coming around as Sanchez was falling to the ground face first.

Brown showed Sanchez nothing but respect after the fight and said he’d have to see what happens after the holidays whether he returns to fight again. His sons met him in the Octagon after the interview to add to the moment for him.

Official Result: Matt Brown defeated Diego Sanchez via KO (elbow) at 3:44 of round 1