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UFC Norfolk results: Assuncao stakes claim for title shot; Arlovski, Ferreira, and Guida win

Check out the results for the opening four contests of the main card of UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Pettis from Norfolk, Virginia.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Norfolk-Assuncao vs Lopez Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The first four contests of the main card of UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Pettis have wrapped up. We’ve got all the results for you. Andrei Arlovski beat Junior Albini as Albini became the first man in the UFC to fight in a diaper. Cezar Ferreira edged out Nate Marquardt. Raphael Assuncao made a major statement, finishing off upstart Matthew Lopez to stake a claim for a title shot against TJ Dillashaw. Finally, Clay Guida surprised everyone by knocking Joe Lauzon down within the first minute before pounding him out.

Andrei Arlovski defeated Junior Albini via unanimous decision (28-28, 30-27, 30-27) - Heavyweights

Albini appeared to be getting the better of the early exchanges, but he was the one who stumbled first after about a minute into the contest. Albini became a bit more reluctant to exchange after that, Arlovski going for kicks from there. Albini clinched up two minutes in, stalling the action before breaking apart a minute later, Albini landing a hard shot shortly thereafter. A couple of traded shots later and Albini again clinch, breaking with a flurry 30 seconds later. Arlovski landed some combos in the last 15 seconds, though Albini landed a hard counter in there too.

Arlovski started the second round more active again, Albini again stalling the action by going to the clinch. They broke apart almost two minutes in only for Albini to do the same thing about 30 seconds later, incurring boos from the fans. They break apart and Arlovski lands a combo with 90 seconds left. Albini started to look fatigued as Arlovski began pouring on the volume, mixing in some kicks with his punches, firmly securing the round.

Arlovski opened with kicks and combos the way he closed round two, though Albini had a nice counter about a minute in. Arlovski begins dancing around, making Albini move. Arlovski continued to mix things up, even scoring a switch kick. Albini poked Arlovski in the eye attempting a leg kick about halfway through the round. Albini looked refreshed coming out of the break landing a few hard shots before fading again under Arlovski’s volume. A groin shot to Albini stalled the action with about a minute to go, Albini throwing major power coming out. Albini clinched up again, looking for a takedown, but can’t get it as the fight ends.

Cezar Ferreira defeated Nate Marquardt via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) - Middleweights

Marquardt and Ferreira both started out tentative, no surprise given their weak chins. Marquardt landed the first flurry, Ferreira the second. Ferreira clipped Marquardt about midway through the round, but Marquardt continued to press. Marquardt stumbled Ferreira with a kick, but that was the only significant action for the last two minutes. No surprise it was a horrible opening round between the chinny middleweights.

30 seconds into the next round and the crowd began letting their displeasure be known. Tentative exchanges before a clinch against the cage about 90 seconds in before more dancing around the cage occurred. Ferreira stuffed a Marquardt takedown about midway through before he began pushing most of the action for a minute. Marquardt pushed back the final minute before landing a shot that put Ferreira on the ground. Ferreira popped back up as Marquardt flurried to finish him off. Ferreira escaped right before the end of the round.

Ferreira clipped Marquardt to open round three and shot for a double-leg after Marquardt stumbled a bit. Ferreira landed a few punches before Marquardt stood back up, only for Ferreira tripped him up again, creating a scramble in which they both climbed to their feet. Ferreira maintained the pressure, picking up Marquardt and slamming him to the mat into side control. Ferreira worked over Marquardt’s body, eventually moving to north-south position continuing to punch the body. Ferreira began looking for a submission, giving Marquardt the opening he needed to get the top position and open up Ferreira with an elbow right before the conclusion of the fight. The contest could have gone either way, it was Ferreira who got his hand raised.

Raphael Assuncao defeated Matthew Lopez via KO at 1:50 of round 3 - Bantamweights

The action started slow with Lopez circling the outside. Assuncao was sharp with his counters before opening up his attack on the offensive about halfway through the round, pressing Lopez against the fence at times. Lopez landed a bit of offense, but nothing solid before securing a takedown about 45 seconds in. However, Assuncao got back up before the end of the round.

The second round picked up where the first left off; Assuncao countering with clean shots off Lopez’s attempts at offense. Lopez began throwing more methodically, attacking with kicks and finding a bit of success. Assuncao responded with kicks of his own – swelling Lopez’s thigh -- before going back to the fists. An exchange occurred where they stumbled on another with punches with a minute to go before Assuncao finished the round pressuring.

Assuncao opened up the round attacking the leg again, stumbling Lopez with a series of kicks. Lopez continued to circle the cage before Assuncao launched at him with a flying knee that came thisclose to connecting. Though it missed, Assuncao continued the assault with a series of punches, one of which connected cleanly to put Lopez out cold, Assuncao pulling on his attack just before realizing Lopez was gone.

Clay Guida defeated Joe Lauzon via TKO at 1:07 of round 1 - Lightweights

Guida comes out with an overhand right that stunned Lauzon before knocking him to the ground with an uppercut. Guida continued the assault with a series of hammerfists, though Lauzon was moving around enough to prevent the referee from stepping for a while. It wasn’t until Lauzon began bleeding from his head before the action was stopped, giving Guida his first TKO win since April 2008. Guida also let it be known that was the last fight of his contract, encouraging fans to let the brass know they’d like to see him remain with the world’s premier MMA organization.