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UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Pettis live results, discussion, play by play

Live, blow-by-blow updates for today's UFC event in Norfolk, which will be headlined by a lightweight fight between Dustin Poirier and former champ Anthony Pettis.

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Pettis takes place in the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, VA.

The headliner comes in the lightweight division, with Dustin Poirier taking on Anthony Pettis.

Today's event is a regular old Fight Night card so it falls on the same timeline as the rest. Live results and play-by-play will commence with the Fight Pass broadcast at 7pm ET/4pm PT for three fights. The event will then move to FS1 at 8pm ET/5pm PT for four preliminary fights, and then stay there for the six-fight main card which kicks off at 10pm ET/7pm PT.

The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week's MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each matchup.

Dustin Poirier vs. Anthony Pettis

Round 1 - Couple of kicks from Pettis. Flying knee from Pettis. Straight right. Poirier with a left and a double leg takedown. Pettis is in a seated position, looknig for a guillotine. He switches to a kimura. Poirier lands a couple of body shots and Pettis lets go. Poirier with some big shots on top. Pettis with a beautiful leg sweep from his back and he gets up. Poirier with an elbow against the cage. He lands to the body back at range. They both land knees and straight rights. Another from Pettis. Pettis stops a takedown attempt. Poirier with a knee to the head. Pettis with a kick close in, but Poirier cracked him with a right. Big combo from Poirier and Pettis lands a spinning elbow! Poirier beating him up against the cage! Huge uppercut from Pettis! WOW! 10-9 Poirier.

Round 2 - Pettis with a left. Poirier shoots again. He locks the hands and drops Pettis on his back. Pettis looking for subs from the back. He’s hunting for an arm but Poirier just punches his way out. Poirier with an elbow and Pettis is bleeding like crazy. Poirier takes the back. Pettis can’t see, but he sweeps! Now he’s dripping blood all over Poirier. Pettis with elbows! Two more big shots. Poirier gives up his back. Pettis looks for a choke but Poirier reverses now! Pettis is trying for a triangle but they’re both so bloody that he can’t lock anything up. They scramble and now Pettis has Poirier’s back on the feet. He drags him down, but gets dumped off and now Poirier is on top. I can barely keep up here. Now they’re going to stop it to check the cut. There is blood everywhere. They’re letting him continue! They put him back on the ground and Poirier is in his full guard. Pettis looking for the triangle again. He actually secured it, but Poirier gets out. He traps Pettis’ arm and lands a bunch of punches. This fight is insane. 10-9 Poirier.

Round 3 - Poirier shoots in and gets Pettis to his knees. Pettis looking for the kimura again. Poirier takes the back with a body triangle. He’s looknig for a choke. He goes to mount. The fight is over? Pettis tapped to something. It looks like he’s hurt.

Dustin Poirier defeated Anthony Pettis by TKO (injury), 2:08 of round 3

Diego Sanchez vs. Matt Brown

Round 1 - Sanchez charges across the cage, lands a right, and looks for a takedown. Brown fights it off but Diego won’t let go. Couple of knees from Brown. Brown finally separates and he stalks. Left from Diego. Sanchez is cut already. Sanchez scoops a single but can’t get anything. Left from Brown. Sanchez charges forward with a combo. In on another single and Brown just pulled it away. Outside leg kick from Brown. Body kick from Sanchez gets caught and Brown lands an elbow. Sanchez lands a body kick and it hurts Brown. He recovers quickly though. Brown with a knee. Brown caught a kick and...the feed changed. Diego got knocked out! But we didn’t see the knockout. That was very weird.

Okay, they’re showing the replay now. Brown landed a massive elbow over the top and clean KO’d Diego.

Matt Brown defeated Diego Sanchez by KO (Elbow), 3:44 of round 1

Andrei Arlovski vs. Junior Albini

Round 1 - They both land big early. Arlovski scores with an inside leg kick. Arlovski lands two big punches. Body shot. Albini clinches up. They separate and Arlovski lands another big right and an inside leg kick. Left hook from Albini, and a knee. Arlovski with a body shot, but gets his jaw jacked in return. More clinch work. Albini with an elbow inside. Left hook too. Straight right from Andrei. Albini with a left. 10-9 Arlovski.

Round 2 - Arlowki takes his corner advice and land a straight right. Leg kick. Albini clinches. They trade baby knees. The ref separates them. Inside leg kick from Albini. Albini clinches again. They separate and Arlovski lands a hard right. Body shot too. Another right from Arlovski. Low leg kick from Arlovski. Andrei with a spinning back kick. Body/head combo from Arlovski, but Albini lands a counter. Striaght right from The Pitbull. Nice uppercut. 10-9 Arlovski.

Round 3 - Arlovski with a leg kick and a right to the body. They trade shots. Albini misses with a right. Leg kick from Albini. Arlovski works the body and lands a long right. Switch kick from Arlovski. Arlovski got poked in the eye twice in a row. Body/head from Arlovski. Albini fires back with a hard jab and an elbow. Albini’s face is cut up. Overhand right from Arlovski. Big combo from Albini. Another nice combo from Albini. Big couple of uppercuts from Andrei. Albin landed a left. Arlovski with a cup check. Short break. Albini steps in with a nice combo. Albini clinches. He’s just leaning on AA. 10-9 and 30-27 Arlovski.

Andrei Arlovski defeated Junior Albini by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Nate Marquardt vs. Cezar Ferreira

Round 1 - Ferreira with a leg kick. Marquardt with a combo. Hard straight left from Mutante. They exchange shots. Marquardt looks for a takedown but Ferreira fights him off. Two rights score for Marquardt. Mutante with a front kick. Marquardt cut over his right eyebrow, Ferreira cut on the nose. Not a lot going on though. Marquardt stumbles his opponent with a quick leg kick. Straight right from Marquardt. 10-9 Ferreira.

Round 2 - Outside leg kick from Marquardt. Lots of feinting. Marquardt tried for a takedown again but gets nowhere. Marquardt with a counter right. Ferreira shoots in now. He scoops a single. Marquardt hits a jump knee on one leg, but gets taken down. Only for a few seconds though. They’re staring at each other again. Marquardt with a head kick. Ferreira with a hard leg kick. Another. Overhjand left for Mutante, and a right hook. Marquardt with a right. Marquardt drops Mutante right before the horn! He looks okay though. Nate stole the round. 10-9 Marquardt.

Round 3 - Ferreira lands a left and gets a double leg takedown. He’s working in full guard against the fence. Marquardt works his way up with 3:15 to go, and they engage in a fun scramble and change positions a few times. Back on the feet, Marquardt drops for a guillotine that looked more like a pro wrestling DDT. Ferreira popped his head out and worked from side. Ferreira spins around to north south and lands some body punches. Marquardt rolls over and Ferreira looks for a guillotine. Marquardt landed a huge shot at the horn that busted Ferreira wide open. Nonetheless, Ferreira took the round 10-9 and I have him winning 29-28.

Cezar Ferreira defeated Nate Marquardt by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Raphael Assuncao vs. Matthew Lopez

Round 1 - Assuncao with a hard counter right. Body kick and a left from Lopez. Assuncao with an inside leg kick. Lopez with a body shot. Lopez with a straight left. Assuncao with a combo. They trade in the pocket. Outside leg kick from Lopez. Body shot from Lopez. Assuncao scored with a left, and he landed an inside leg kick. Lopez with the left again. Inside leg kick from Lopez. Nice counter combo from Assuncao. Lopez with a takedown. Assuncao gets up and almost lands a knee. Lopez with a left but Assuncao fires back. 10-9 Assuncao.

Round 2 - Front kick from Assuncao. He lands a hard overhand right, then an inside leg kick. Another overhand right and a left hook from Assuncao. Brutal inside leg kick from Assuncao. Lopez shoots in. Assuncao ties him up and stays on his feet. Another inside leg kick. Lopez with a left, and he scores with his own kick. Another. Assuncao with a quick straight right. Body kick from Lopez. Hard right from Assuncao. They both staggered each other with punches at the same time. Assuncao eating up the inside leg. Assuncao rips the body with two punches. 10-9 Assuncao.

Round 3 - Lopez has a massive bruise on the inside of his right leg. And Assuncao kicked it right away. Nice uppercut from Lopez. They both land left hooks. Another brutal leg kick. Lopez lands to the body. Assuncao jumps in with a flying knee and lands a brutal punch that turns Lopez’s lights out! Wow!

Raphael Assuncao defeated Matthew Lopez by KO (punch), 1:50 of round 3

Joe Lauzon vs. Clay Guida

Round 1 - Guida with a left and a leg kick. Another kick. Hard combo from Guida and Lauzon is down off an uppercut! Big shots from Guida and Lauzon is barely hanging on. Elbows! It’s over!

Clay Guida defeated Joe Lauzon via TKO (strikes), 1:07 of round 1

John Dodson vs. Marlon Moraes

Round 1 - Moraes with a counter left. Moraes with a leg kick. Body shot from Dodson. Spinning back kick from Moraes. Inside leg kick from Moraes. Dodson touches him with the left. Moraes backs Dodson off with punches, but he bounces off the cage, comes back and drops Moraes with a left! That was fast! Moraes back up immediately though. Hard inside leg kick from Moraes. Moraes with a right. Moraes lands hard right to the cup. The Cornuts cam says...yup. Dodson is dry heaving. He waved off the doctor though. They restart after a couple of minutes. Moraes goes right back to the same kick. He lands a hard right and a body kick. Dodson with the left. Step-in knee from Dodson. They trade kicks. Moraes with a right, Dodson wit ha left. Moraes lands a left and Dodson complains of an eye poke. Replay shows that he did indeed poke him and it wasn’t a punch. Dodson lands a head kick at the horn. 10-9 Dodson.

Round 2 - Big combo from Dodson, but Moraes lands a counter left. Knee from Dodson. Moraes digs to the body. Big right from Moraes! Dodson fires a left in return. Body kick from Moraes. Another. Dodson complains of a clash of heads. Dodson with his own body kick. Moraes with another right. Dodson throws Moraes to the mat and Moraes immediately went for a leg lock. Dodson escapes and lands two punches before Moraes gets up. Head kick from Moraes gets caught and Dodson throws him to the mat again. They repeat the same sequence with the leg lock and escapes. Moraes just misses with a spinning heel kick. Dodson catches a kick and lands a nice left. Moraes gets a takedown. He holds him down for 20 seconds or so. Dodson up at the horn. 10-9 Moraes.

Round 3 - Slower pace to start. Dodson charges in and lands a couple of punches. Inside leg kick from Moraes. Counter right from Moraes. Moraes with a slip, Dodson lands a glancing right. Dodson with a left. Body kick from Moraes. They trade in the pocket. Body kick and a left from Dodson. He scores with another left, but eats a counter left. Dodson goes low and lands high. Moraes looking for a takedown. Super quick break from the ref. Lame. Moraes dropped for a guillotine. It looked like Dodson may have tapped after the horn. So it’s going to a decision. 10-9 and 29-28 Moraes in my eyes.

Marlon Moraes defeated John Dodson by split decision (30-27, 27-30, 30-27)

Tatiana Suarez vs. Viviane Pereira

Round 1 - Suarez with a leg kick. Pereira degands a takedown and looks for a guillotine. Suarez perseveres and gets the takedown. She moves to side. Pereira rolls through to regain guard. Suarez takes the back with one hook. She secures the second hook and looks for a choke. Pereira is hand-fighting well. Big punches from under the armpit. She moves to north south. 10-9 Suarez.

Round 2 - Suarez shoots from way outside. Pereira looked for the guillotine but Suarez slammed her to the mat. She looks to move to mount quickly but Pereira blocks her. Now she has her mounted. Two big elbows.More big shots. Pereira escapes but Suarez is still all over her against the cage. Knee to the body from Suarez. Pereira gets to her feet, but only for a couple of seconds. Big hammerfists. 10-8 Suarez.

Round 3 - Suarez with a leg kick. Knee to the body. Another takedown. She passes to side against the cage. She lands an elbow. She’s looking for her own guillotine, at least briefly. She moves to mount with two minutes to go. Back to side control. Now she takes the back. She’s going for a late armbar but she ran out of time. 10-9 and 30-26 Suarez.

Tatiana Suarez defeated Viviane Pereira via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Sage Northcutt vs. Michel Quinones

Round 1 - Northcutt with a hard counter right. And another. Quinones kicking the lead leg. Third time in a row. Nice body kick from Sage. Right over the top lands for Quinones. They exchange in close. Northcutt with a right and a body kick. Quinones matches Northcutt’s stance, but just eats two right for his efforts. Little bit of blood coming out of Northcutt’s nose. Big combo ending with a head kick that just missed by Super Sage. Northcutt with a late takedown. 10-9 Northcutt.

Round 2 - Northcutt with a counter right and a side kick. Leg kicks from Quinones. Jabs from Sage. Head kick just barely blocked by Quinones. Big overhand right from Quinones. Inside leg kick too. Northcutt with another hard counter right. Quinones continuing to kick the front leg. They trade rights. Hard body kick from Northcutt as Quinones misses an uppercut. Quick lead right from Quinones. Short uppercut from Northcutt. Northcutt gets another late takedown. He works from side. 10-9 Northcutt.

Round 3 - Northcutt with a lead right. Axe kick attempt from Quinones. Northcutt looks for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Leg kick from Quinones. Triple jab from Northcutt. Body kick from Sage. Uppercut from Northcutt to the body. Quinones with a combo. Leg kick from Northcutt. Quinones with a lead right. Another one. Northcutt in on a big double but can’t control Quinones once he throws him to the mat. Leg kick from Northcutt. Counter combo. Big right from Quinones. Quinones’ face is busted up. Northcutt bails on a takedown attempt and lands a combo. Cartwheel kick misses. 10-9 and 30-27 Northcutt.

Sage Northcutt defeated Michel Quinones by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Angela Hill vs. Nina Ansaroff

Round 1 - Ansaroff with a leg kick. They trade jabs. Hill with a right. Ansaroff kicks low again. They trade hard hooks. Ansaroff with a couple of lefts while Hill lands a leg kick. Hill clinches and lands some punches against the cage. They trade low kicks. Ansaroff with two rights. Hill with a leg kick. She catches a kick and dumps Ansaroff to the mat, but she’s up quickly. They are throwing a ton. Ansaroff back to kicking. Hill jabbing and lands a nice left. Hard leg kick from Hill. Hard right hook at the horn. Close round. 10-9 Hill.

Round 2 - Hill with a combo inside. Ansaroff with a right. Hill’s nose is bleeding. Hill with a couple of leg kicks and a right hook. Ansaroff catches a kick and looks for a takedown, but Hill hops away. Hill gets inside with a left. More kicks and a nice combo from Hill. Ansaroff with a body kick and a right. Jab from Hill. Low keg kick from Ansaroff looks like it hurt Hill a bit. Hill with a knee to the body. Counter right from Overkill. Spinning back kick from Ansaroff. Hill land a hard left. Ansaroff with an uppercut. 10-9 Ansaroff.

Round 3 - Big exchange to start. Spinning back kick from Ansaroff. They trade rights. Uppercut from Hill. Hill with a body shot. Ansaroff continuing to chew up Hill’s lead leg. Hill is doing the same thing to her. Nice lead right from Ansaroff. Hill with a lead right. Hill catches a kick. Head kick from Hill in close. Hill with a hard overhand right. Ansaroff wit ha hard leg kick. They battle in the clinch briefly. Ansaroff with a side kick that knocks Hill off balance. They trade jabs. Hill trying to counter the leg kick with right hooks. Ansaroff catches a kick but they don’t engage on the ground. Ansaroff with a jab and uppercut. Ansaroff with a big head kick. That was a great fight! 10-9 and 29-28 Ansaroff.

Nina Ansaroff defeated Angela Hill by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Court McGee vs. Sean Strickland

Round 1 - McGee with leg kicks and a right. Strickland with a jab. Head kick from McGee but Strickland lands a counter right and ends up in top position. McGee back up. Jab from Strickland. Nice straight right. Trading single shots. Strickland landing a lot of jabs. Body kick from McGee. Court is right at the end of Strikland’s punches and isn’t doing anything about it. McGee mixing up body and leg kicks. Strickland with a combo. He catches a leg kick but can’t do anything with it. Hard leg kick from McGee. Strickland fires back with a hard right. Strickland landing a ton of jabs. 10-9 Strickland.

Round 2 - McGee leads with a right. McGee shoots in but Strickland stays upright somehow. Strickland grabbed the cage and got warned. He squirms away though. Body kick from Court. Another. Jab from Strickland. Strickland checks a leg kick. McGee in deep on a double but Strickland uses underhooks to keep him off. More jabs, and more leg kicks in return. McGee has another takedown attempt stuffed. Nice left from McGee. Now a nice right from both men. Strickland sprawls to avoid a takedown. 10-9 McGee.

Round 3 - McGee with a head kick. Strickland easily avoids a takedown attempt. Court with a left to the body and a right hook to the head. McGee still can’t get a takedown. Strickland with a takedown. He lands a couple of rights. He’s trying to set up an arm triangle. McGee gives up his back and scoots away. McGee looks for a leg lock. Strickland with a takedown and he takes the back. He sinks a choke but can’t completely secure it. He settles with landing a bunch of punches to the horn. 10-9 and 29-28 Strickland.

Sean Strickland defeated Court McGee by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

The fight was originally announced as a majority draw, but there was a scoring error.

Jake Collier vs. Marcel Fortuna

Round 1 - Fortuna steps in with a combo but eats a counter left. Body kick from Collier. He slips on the next one. He tries to spin but there’s nothing there. Leg kick. Fortuna with a counter right. Superman punch and a hard left form Collier. Body kick from Collier. Fortuna gets a body lock and spins around to the back. Collier is fighting him off. They’re back in the center. Collier with a hard lead leg kick. Fortuna with a hard spinning elbow! Collier scores with a left. Nice 1-2 from Fortuna. Collier clinches up briefly. Collier catches a leg kick. 10-9 Collier.

Round 2 - Jab from Fortuna. They trade leg kicks. Fortuna shoots in, stumbles Collier, and takes the back. He’s a human backpack as Collier stands up, but he quickly gets peeled off. Collier with the jab. Hard spinning back kick to the belly from Collier. Outside leg kick. Collier misses with a spinning elbow and Fortuna briefly takes his back. Collier with a left. Body kick and a right as well. Fortuna with a double leg takedown in the middle of the cage. He’s setting up an arm triangle choke. Collier peels that off but gets mounted. Collier immediately sweeps. Nice elbow from Collier. 10-9 Collier.

Round 3 - Big head kick from Collier early. Hard right hook too. Another. Fortuna with a single but gets nowhere. Body kick from Collier but he eats a counter left. Knee from Collier, but he gets taken down. Collier immediately reverses again, and tells a tired Fortuna to get up. Left to the body from Collier. Fortuna has a takedown stuffed and eats a knee. Collier jabbing and setting up combos. Fortuna lands a hard right that stuns Collier a bit. Collier fires back. Right over the top. Body kick from Collier and they exchange leather. Collier with a head kick. Fortuna has a takedown attempt stuffed. Collier jabbing. Nice uppercut from Collier. Collier looks for a late takedown. 10-9 and 30-27 Collier.

Jake Collier defeated Marcel Fortuna via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Karl Roberson vs. Darren Stewart

Round 1 - Inside leg kick from Stewart. Stewart spins. Roberson with a left. Stewart with a jumping spin kick that is nowhere near landing. Outside leg kick from Stewart. Left and uppercuts from Roberson. He has the Thai clinch and lands a couple of knees. Short elbows. Stewart looking for a takedown. Roberson with a lateral drop. That was beautiful. He takes Stewart’s back. Roberson gets his arm under the chin but Stewart peels it off. He sinks it again and Stewart tries to get it off again, but it’s not happening. He taps on Roberson’s head.

Karl Roberson defeated Darren Stewart via submission (rear naked choke), 3:44 of round 1