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UFC 217 free full fight video: Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Serra 2

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Before Georges St-Pierre fights Michael Bisping in the UFC 217 main event, check out GSP’s memorable win over Matt Serra at UFC 83.

UFC 111: Press Conference Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

April 19th, 2008 marked the UFC’s first ever trip to Canada, and the main event was a highly-anticipated rematch between welterweight champion Matt Serra and interim champ Georges St-Pierre. Serra had famously stopped GSP at UFC 69 to win the undisputed title in one of the most shocking upsets in MMA history. He was supposed to then defend his belt against Matt Hughes at UFC 79, only to withdraw due to a herniated disc. In stepped GSP to face Hughes for the interim belt, and St-Pierre armbarred Hughes to close out their trilogy, and also set up the second showdown with Serra.

Fans at the Bell Centre in Montreal were treated to a phenomenal GSP performance, culminating in a TKO stoppage after landing a barrage of knees to Serra’s body in the closing stages of round 2. It was a masterclass from Canada’s biggest ever MMA star, and you can watch the whole fight at the top of the page.

Here’s Kid Nate’s play-by-play of the ending:

Round 2: GSP grabs a kick and gets the takedown. Has Serra up against the fence, Serra tries to use an underhook to get back to his feet. Nothing doing. Serra fights back to his feet and escapes a single leg. Back to the feet. Serra lands a head kick. Serra throwing hooks. GSP throws a spinning back kick. GSP landing jabs, gets another double leg. Throwing from Serra's guard, passes, landing punches from Serra's back. Serra back to guard. GSP landing big shots from the top. Getting Serra turtled up and kneeing his ribs. Serra rolls back to guard. GSP stacks the guard and passes to 1/2 and to side mount. Serra rolls, takes more knees to the ribs. Serra is NOT looking like the better jiu jitsu fighter here. Serra rolling, eating shots and its over! Knees to the ribs are too much for Serra. This is the GSP we all knew existed. Bring on Jon Fitch. Bring on B.J. Penn. Bring on Anderson Silva?

Four years removed from his last fight, St-Pierre will move up to middleweight to take on champion Michael Bisping in the UFC 217 main event, on November 4th in New York City.