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UFC 216 results: Demetrious Johnson scores ridiculous slam-to-armbar on Ray Borg

Demetrious Johnson picked up an insanely awesome slam-to-armbar on Ray Borg in the UFC 216 co-main event.

MMA: UFC 216-Johnson vs Borg Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

The co-main event for UFC 216 saw Demetrious Johnson pick up one of the craziest finishes you will ever see in an MMA match, as he lifted up title challenger Ray Borg, and caught an armbar in midair. Oh, this happened in the 5th round, after D.J. had already dominated the other 4 rounds. Holy moly what a move, what a performance, what a champion! He has surpassed Anderson Silva for most successful title defenses in UFC history, and his eleventh produced an epic submission.

Main Card

Demetrious Johnson def. Ray Borg by Submission (Armbar) at 3:15 of round 5: Flyweight Title

Johnson attacked the inside leg of his opponent to kick off the opening round, to which Borg responded by searching for a takedown. Borg found himself underneath Johnson, eating several punches and elbows. Johnson kept switching between a Kimora attempt and a Arm Triangle attempt, but Borg defended well as the 1st round expired.

Borg closed the distance right away, and held Johnson against the cage to open the second stanza, but Johnson managed to reverse the position. Borg got a reversal of his own, and changed levels to get a takedown, and as soon as Johnson scrambled up to his feet, Borg hopped right to the back. Johnson shook off Borg like a bad case of the fleas, and then dropped down into top control. Several knees to the body landed for Johnson as he allowed Borg to stand to his feet, which set up a takedown for the defending champ.

Borg was in search of the takedown heading into the 3rd round, but Johnson was having none of it. The botched takedown led to Johnson taking top control, complete with all sorts of crafty ground strikes. Borg managed to claim his full guard for a moment, but Johnson passed right through it like a hot knife through butter, and ultimately took the back.

Borg opened up the 4th round with an emphatic takedown, but Johnson was quick to return to the standing position. Mighty Mouse found top position yet again, dropping elbows from half guard as Borg did his best to survive. Borg made it to his feet a few times, but Johnson was quick to put him right back down.

Demetrious Johnson achieved an early takedown to start the final round, but Borg was able to find his way back to his feet. Unsurprisingly, Johnson planted Borg right back on the canvas, and continued to chip away with short shots. Out of nowhere, Johnson lifts up Borg for a slam and jumps to an armbar midair, and scores the 5th round submission! Holy cow!

Look at Borg’s emphatic takedown:

Demetrious Johnson is such a treat to watch: