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Ferguson: Conor McGregor does not want a part of me, so I’m not aiming at him

Tony Ferguson is not too interested in a fight against Conor McGregor.

The desire for “big money fights” has led to many names in the UFC roster to call out the company’s top draw, Conor McGregor. Tony Ferguson, however, is not one of them.

Speaking to MMA Junkie during the UFC 216 media day on Wednesday, “El Cucuy” is not that interested in “red panty night.”

“I like blue panties,” Ferguson said. “He’s not gonna defend or vacate, he’s gonna have to fight me. There’s no insider information. He’s never spoken my name. I’m one of the most ruthless vatos out there. This guy, he doesn’t want a part of me. I’m not aiming at him. I don’t give two f--ks.”

McGregor’s camp is currently aiming for a third fight against Nate Diaz, ideally for St. Patrick’s Day of the coming year. Ferguson already has a problem with this idea, because for him, it is McGregor’s way of avoiding a fight against the best in the division.

“I don’t want to fight someone who doesn’t want to fight me or compete against some of the best,” Ferguson said. “When you’re saying, ‘I’ll fight anybody, anytime.’ You’re f--king full of shit. For me, I’ve been fighting anybody, any time, any weight – straight up.”

Ferguson will be headlining UFC 216 on Saturday in Las Vegas alongside Kevin Lee, as they fight for the UFC interim lightweight title.