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UFC 216 video: Embedded, part 1 - ‘You were screaming the whole time’

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Check out the first episode of Embedded for UFC 216.

UFC 216 is almost here, and as usual, Embedded is here as well. The show that gives you an inside look at the marquee contestants on PPVs has issued the first episode for this weekend’s big show in Vegas, and it serves as a brief introduction to the fighters at the top of the card.

Tony Ferguson is training at the beach after a bunch of mountain training. He talks about fighting for his family. Kevin Lee talks about Ferguson while getting a haircut at some guy’s house. He then does some simulated racing (which he’s terrible at) before jumping behind the wheel of a real race car. He manages to get the real thing up to around 150 miles an hour, while screaming his face off.

Now we’re back to Ray Borg’s house, where he’s making food. They could have just used the footage from UFC 215 for this. Demetrious Johnson is back at AMC, with Matt Hume talking him up. On the drive home, Johnson talks about the title record he can break and how he’s not going to take this fight lightly because of that.

And that’s it!