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Masvidal defends teammate Covington: ‘If it came from his heart, you can’t get mad at him’

Jorge Masvidal comes to the defense of teammate Colby Covington, who is currently under fire for some unfavorable comments towards Brazilian fans on Saturday night in Sao Paulo.

Colby Covington’s post-fight speech on Saturday night in Sao Paulo angered both Brazilian fans and fighters. His own teammates from American Top Team such as Amanda Nunes and Antonio Silva, and even the team’s now former head coach Ricardio Liborio, condemned him for his actions.

But not everyone from the Florida-based team went against Covington. On Monday’s MMA Hour episode, welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal sided with Covington, and says he sees no wrong with that his teammate had done.

“Does he really mean that they’re filthy animals? No, man. But, it’s entertainment, also,” Masvidal said. “And at the same time, if you’re getting disrespected – if you’re coming over to Miami, and people are throwing shit at you, trying to spit on you, shoving your corners, what’s gonna happen?”

“I think he’s all in the right man. Especially if he meant that. If that came from his heart, man, you can’t get mad at him, that’s how he feels.”

Masvidal also revealed that Covington always had a problem with authority, which is why this rebellious behaviour did not come off as a surprise.

“Colby, since I’ve known him, he has a real problem with authority,” Masvidal said. “Like if we get pulled over by the police, I’m like ‘yes sir, no sir. Sir, I’m gonna reach into the glove compartment for my license and registration, please don’t shoot me.’ And Colby is like a f--king a—hole..”

“I think giving him just a little bit of attitude, that dude goes haywire,” he continued. “So, like authority and stuff, he has a real big problem. That dude is not easy to control.”

“Gamebred” is currently slated to face Stephen Thompson at UFC 217 this Saturday, November 4th, in New York City.

Masvidal’s interview begins at the 1:59:58 mark of the video.