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Colby Covington to Brazilians: ‘You need to respect me’

Colby Covington continues to show no remorse for his post-fight words towards the Brazilian people on Saturday night in Sao Paulo.

Colby Covington’s post-fight antics after defeating Demian Maia on Saturday night in Sao Paulo, Brazil, have drawn a lot of negative attention. Not only is he facing a possible sanction from the UFC, he has also angered some of his Brazilian teammates at American Top Team, and fellow fighters like Lyoto Machida.

In response, Covington stated that the reception he got from Brazilian fans as he walked out from the tunnel before his fight against Maia was what fueled his post-fight speech. As a fighter, he feels he deserved to be shown some respect.

“I just didn’t like how they treated me when I was in the tunnel before the walkout to the fight,” Covington said on Monday’s MMA Hour episode (via MMA Fighting). ‘I’m sitting in the tunnel and they’re yelling all these things. ‘Oh, I f--ked your mom,’ this and that. Stuff about me, ‘Oh, you’re gonna die.’ Throwing cups and stuff and hot dogs.”

“You need to respect me. I’m going into a fight, this is professional. So, I just felt disrespected by them. I didn’t say anything that was too outlandish.”

Covington further argued that such actions from the Brazilian crowd will not be tolerated in other parts of the world, which is why he believes his words did not cross the line.

And as for his next fight, he is fine with any other venue, as long as it is not in any part of Brazil.

“With the way they treat people over there, you can’t do that over in Canada, Ariel. You can’t do that in the USA,” Covington said. “You won’t hear whole crowds doing stuff like that and the things they do. So, I don’t think I crossed any line. America.”

“I’m a company man. I’ll go wherever the UFC wants me to go. But I probably won't be making an appearance back in Brazil.”

With the win over Maia, Covington feels he is now in prime position for a title shot against current 170-pound champion Tyron Woodley.