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Lewis dieting for first time to prepare for Werdum, had to miss the McRib

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Derrick Lewis is finding out what all the nutritional fuss is all about ahead of his UFC 216 bout with Fabricio Werdum.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Lewis vs Browne Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Lewis has changed things up to a huge degree ahead of his pivotal UFC 216 matchup with Fabricio Werdum. For the entirety of his UFC career thus far, Lewis has refrained from dieting and hasn’t been fully committed to training. Mostly because he hates it. But after considering retirement following an exhausting loss to Mark Hunt, Lewis is trying a new approach.

In an interview with FloCombat, “The Black Beast” amusingly talked about his previous eating habits and what he has altered:

"I was still eating fried chicken, hamburgers, all of that fight week," Lewis said. "The day of the fight, I've stayed eating the same way my whole career. Now I'm going to see how I feel however I get in there to see what the difference is to see what all the fuss is about."

He isn’t happy about missing out on fast food either:

"My mouth is watering right now thinking about some Carl's Jr. I'm starving right now," Lewis said. "You eat salad and you're hungry the next 30 minutes and you're hungrier from when you ate the damn salad. That's what I don't like about it.

"The damn McRib was in town. I had to miss the McRib and all the other things. My favorite restaurant had a special going on and I couldn't even eat it. Somebody's gotta pay."

Lewis (18-5, 1 NC, 8-3 UFC) and former champion Werdum (21-7-1, 9-4 UFC) on the main card of UFC 216 this weekend in Vegas.