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Covington’s insults to Brazil ‘already being reviewed’ by UFC code of conduct committee

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UFC is “not very happy” with Colby Covington insulting Brazil and its people.

UFC Singapore Fight Night Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

Shortly after decisioning Demian Maia in Sao Paulo, Colby Covington decided to disrespect and insult the entire country of Brazil and it’s citizens. This led to fans in the arena to pelt him with trash as he walked out of the cage.

UFC executive David Shaw addressed the incident, saying that they’re clearly not happy with how it all played out.

“In terms of the fan reaction of Covington fighting, there’s no way for us to support any fans throwing items at staff or any fighters,” UFC executive David Shaw said on the post-fight press conference. “But having said that, we are taking the situation of Covington very seriously.”

“It’s already being reviewed by our code of conduct committee, and it’s something we are not very happy about.”

It’s still early, so Shaw declined to comment just what punishment the company might impose on Covington.

“It’s not for me to say at this point what (sanctions) will happen, but we will review it over the course of the weekend.”

The same UFC committee recently required Werdum to perform an outreach with the Las Vegas LGBTQ community after using homophobic slurs. Interestingly enough, McGregor also did the same, with the UFC yet to respond or issue a sanction on their biggest star.