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UFC Sao Paulo video highlights: Covington batters Maia to earn decision win

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Check out the full fight video highlights from the UFC Sao Paulo co-main event, as Colby Covington bloodied up Demian Maia to win a unanimous decision.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Barberena vs Covington Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC Fight Night 119 co-main event witnessed the UFC’s #7 welterweight Colby Covington knock off the #2 Demian Maia by picking up unanimous decision. Maia came out throwing his hands at Covington and landing at a descent clip. Covington began to attack the leg of Maia, but ate some left hands because of it. Covington sustained a cut over his right eye, seemingly as a result of Maia’s left hand. Maia looked for the takedown early in the second stanza, but Covington was having none of it, shucking off the attempts and forcing the Brazilian to stand. Covington pushed the pace down the stretch, making Maia work and respond to his volume. Maia was really wearing it from the constant barrage of punches, as Covington ran away with the fight and picked up the unanimous decision.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of Colby Covington dominant 3rd round vs. Demian Maia:

Round 3 - Covington jabbing. He lands a shovel hook. Maia with a left, but he’s exhausted. Congington lands a hard left. Maia shot in but was denied. Covington beating him up on the inside now. Maia with a big knee up the middle. Covington is smiling. Low leg kick from Covington. They trade jabs. Covington with a head kick. Maia gets a single but Covington defends. Maia is busted wide open now. There’s blood everywhere. Maia’s just turtled up, while a pool of blood collects. Covington tried to finish but couldn’t. 10-9 and 29-28 Covington.