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Gegard Mousasi on fan response to Bellator debut: ‘They can all suck it’

Gegard Mousasi has something to say to those people that criticized his fight Bellator fight.

Gegard Mousasi escaped his first fight in Bellator with a thin unanimous decision win over former 185-pound champ Alexander Shlemenko, and he took some heat from fans for it. Many thought he didn’t deserve the W, despite fighting through over two rounds with an eye that was swollen completely shut from a Shlemenko punch in the first round.

Mousasi was a guest on The MMA Hour today, and he responded to the negativity he has received since the win on Friday. As usual he was extremely blunt in his assessment, saying he wasn’t happy with his performance at all. But he also wasn’t happy about what some had to say about the fight (via MMA Fighting):

“No, not at all,” Mousasi said. “But he punched me right in the eye in the first minute so I was fighting on instinct, trying to survive, I was fighting with one eye for almost three rounds so it didn’t go the way I wanted, but a win is a win. To the haters, they can suck it.

“I have a pretty long one, they can all get in line and suck it.”


“I’m trying to survive, I cannot see anything. Yesterday, I was walking in New York, I was stumbling. I couldn’t even walk. I fought three rounds. I don’t know what people are talking about. Maybe they should go instead and fight in the cage. They’re sitting behind the computer eating potatoes and they have all their opinions, but let them do that.”

The injury ended up being a broken orbital bone, and he’s having surgery on it later this week. He continued on, saying that he took more heat than Donald Cerrone did over the weekend, but he actually won and Cerrone lost. It didn’t stop there either:

“I’m not pissed off. I don’t care. I’m going to eat lobster. I’m going to sit in my farm, drive a tractor and my car. Who cares about these guys? I made my money. I have a better life than all of these bums.”

“If I win my next fight, they’re all going to forget the last one,” Mousasi said. “That’s how the memory of these idiots work. They have short memory. They’re like goldfish or something.”


“They all can suck it. Take a line, take a ticket. I have enough for you all.”