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Fight to Win Pro 51 results and video: Gianni Grippo, Jake Shields take victories

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Gianni Grippo and Jake Shields victorious in Brooklyn

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Jake Shields continues to find success in competitive grappling.
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Fight to Win Pro continues to bring some of the biggest grappling matches in the industry on a weekly basis and this weekend was par for the course. This time the organization took to Brooklyn, New York for Fight to Win Pro 51 that featured a last minute switch in the main event. The original main event featured JT Torres against Benson Henderson, but injury halted that bout. Instead, the fans got an exciting matchup between Gianni Grippo and Justin Rader.

Rader was defending his lightweight no-gi championship against Grippo who has been on a tear throughout 2017. Grippo was effective off of his back, hitting a great sweep that put him into position on top. Rader remained composed in the situation, getting back to his feet. Back on the mat, both men would continue to attack each other’s feet time and time again. The action was so close that the judges would award the bout to Grippo via a split decision.

With this victory Grippo is a two-division champion for Fight to Win Pro. This goes along with his victories in FIVE Super League, UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro and the Pan-American No-Gi championship this year.

Two ADCC veterans met in the co-main event as Jake Shields and Murilo Santana battled in a highly-anticipated bout. While there wasn’t much in the department of exciting action, this was still a tactical battle by two of the best competitors in the sport today. Shields spent most of the match on top, working to pass Santana’s guard. Even though he was unable to do so, Shields did enough in the eyes of the judges to get a split decision victory in their match.

Fight to Win Pro 51 is available for replay viewing on, and a few short clips can be seen below.

Fight to Win Pro 51 Full Results

Black Belt Results

Gianni Grippo defeated Justin Rader via Split Decision

Jake Shields defeated Murilo Santana via Split Decision

Marcos Tinoco defeated Thomas Keenan via Split Decision

Mansher Singh Khera defeated Dom Hoskins via Heel Hook

Lincoln Pereira defeated Joe Oppedisano via Decision

Van Allen Flores defeated Marvin Lee via Decision

Vianca Jager defeated Fiona Watson via Decision

Tex Johnson defeated Khyl Farrison via Kneebar

Alex Ecklin defeated Jimmy Santiago via Toe Hold

Rob Gutierrez defeated Joe Thompson via Arm Lock

Radji Bryson-Barrett defeated Luis Martinez via Decision

Alex Oliveira defeated Tomasz Pitrowski via Decision

Brown Belt Results

Devhonte Johnson defeated Jacob Prussman via Key Lock

Felipe Rocha defeated Chinnonye Okafor via Decision

C Ryan Quinn defeated Matteo Martinez via Decision

Nicholas Tamandua Salles defeated Dennis Pressey Jr via choke

Mike Davila defeated Frank Rosenthal via Decision

Rehan Muttalib defeated Nick Norman via Triangle Armbar

Omar Kadi defeated RC St Germain via RNC

Purple Belt Results

Matheus Francisco defeated Alex Nemeth via Decision

Antoine Delannoy defeated Bryant Johnson via Heel Hook

Andrew Franco defeated Sean Yadimarco via Decision

Damien Anderson defeated Andrew Solano via Decision

Margot C. Ciccarelli-Tang defeated Natalie Bryjova via Decision

Marcelo Aguilar defeated Bobby Issapour via Straight Ankle Lock

Christopher Kerbis defeated Tim McNamara via Armbar

Ben Bagbek defeated Hunter Simoes via Decision