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Chechen MMA fighter hospitalized after being attacked in St. Petersburg

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The ‘Fight Club Berkut’ fighter was attacked by five men in St. Petersburg and remains hospitalized with several injuries. 

On the evening of September 30 in St. Petersburg, Umar Vakhayev stepped out of his residence and was attacked by a group of men dressed in white shirts. Despite attempts to defend himself, Vakhayev was overpowered and hospitalized as a result.

According to reports based on eye witness accounts, a group of five men emerged from a restaurant around the corner from Vakhayev’s place at approximately the same time that the Chechen fighter stepped outside. He attempted to evade contact as the men quickly approached him menacingly but was eventually forced to confront them.

Vakhayev punched one of the assailants, which angered one of the men enough to allegedly pull out a traumatic gun (non-lethal pistol) and fire it at Vakhayev. The Chechen managed to get to his vehicle, where he had his own traumatic gun. He fired a single shot in the air. However, it did not have the desired effect, as the group of men quickly swarmed the MMA fighter and brutally assaulted him on a public street corner in St. Petersburg.

"There were, in my opinion, five people. As a result, they all attacked the guy, periodically kicked with his head on the asphalt. I do not know the ending, but the spectacle is not for the faint-hearted. The whole pedestrian crossing was in the blood" an eyewitness told Megapolis (h/t CrimeRussia).

A video of the attack is available on Youtube:

Vakhayev is a 25-year-old Chechen MMA fighter representing Fight Club Berkut. Chechnya’s original MMA team founded by Mairbek Khasiev, the owner of the Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) promotion. Vakhayev competed on the ACB Grand Prix 8 event in 2014.

Reports suggest that Vakhayev suffered a severely broken jaw as well as multiple fractures. However, his health has stabilized. His assailants have been taken into custody.