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Ian McCall lands in RIZIN as Grand Prix wild card

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The recently released UFC flyweight is making a move up to 135 for a slot in RIZIN’s 2017 World Grand Prix.

UFC 183: MCall v Lineker Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

It looks like Ian McCall won’t be needing that “blood money” after all. The former UFC flyweight contender recently asked for, and received, his release from the world’s largest MMA promotion. And on his way out the door, he made it clear that he was willing to fight for anyone that would pay him enough.

“People say, 'You don't care that it's blood money?'“ McCall said in an interview on the MMA Hour, when asked if he’d fight for Ramzan Kadyrov. “I don't give a flying f--- that it's blood money. You can pay me in blood diamonds. I get into a cage and fistfight for money. I don't care. I don't live there.”

Turns out that’s not going to be a decision he has to make, or at least not any time too soon. ‘Uncle Creepy’ appears to have found a new home quickly, as a part of RIZIN’s 2017 Bantamweight World Grand Prix.

The news was made official by the organization in a press conference following the recent RIZIN event on October 15th.

According to MMA Junkie, McCall will make his debut against Manel Kape (6-1), fresh off the Angolan fighter’s KO win over Erson Yamamoto. Kape is also scheduled to fight at EFC Worldwide 65 in November, which hopefully won’t mean another scrapped fight for McCall, if Kape can’t make a quick turnaround.

The semi-final leg of the tournament takes place on December 29th, with the quarterfinal and final legs taking place on the 31st during RIZIN’s spectacular New Year’s Eve show. Wins could mean that McCall gets to fight 3 times in a 3-day span, more bouts than he’s had since 2014.