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Video: Rico Verhoeven predictably stops ‘Bigfoot’ Silva in egregious Glory Kickboxing mismatch

The outcome that was always going to happen wound up happening.

Glory kickboxing screenshot

UFC veteran Antonio Silva had entered Saturday’s Glory kickboxing match against heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven with a record of 1-7 in his last eight MMA bouts, seven of which ended by KO or TKO. Also of considerable importance when going up against someone as talented as Verhoeven, “Bigfoot” had a grand total of zero pro kickboxing fights to date. As Bigfoot’s manager Alex Davis admitted, he took the fight because “he needs money.”

Unsurprisingly, Verhoeven won and he did so by TKO. After easily taking the opening round, the Dutchman knocked the Brazilian down with a head kick just seconds into round 2. Silva beat the count but was clearly not in good shape, and Verhoeven continued to pour it on. Verhoeven missed on a spinning wheel kick, then landed a couple of power shots with Bigfoot trapped against the ropes, and the referee stopped the fight.

Here’s the finish:

This fight should’ve never happened and the only positive you can think of is that the referee stopped it before Silva could take even more unnecessary damage from Verhoeven.

Now that this is over, Verhoeven will fight Jamal Ben Saddik on December 9th. That’s an actual compelling kickboxing match. What transpired in Guangzhou, China was a total disgrace.

You can watch the full fight (if you must) at the 2:07:42 mark at the bottom of the page.

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