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Video: Georges St-Pierre, Michael Bisping get into backstage fracas after press conference

Normally mild-mannered Georges St-Pierre didn’t hold back in a backstage incident with UFC 217 opponent Michael Bisping.

Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre have done their best to build their UFC 217 headlining fight in New York. The cocky Bisping has done all the talking he always does, but the usually calm GSP has fired right back, and has twice given Bisping a shove after the UFC middleweight champion put his hands on him. Once they got backstage after today’s press conference at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, they went at it again.

TMZ captured footage of the heated exchange between the two, and GSP actually swore! A lot!

Bisping approached St-Pierre, with a complaint about GSP putting his hands on him.

“If you put your hands on a man, that means you got a f—king problem,” Bisping said. “Keep your f—king hands to yourself, pal. I will knock you f—king out right now.”

“F—k you man,” said St-Pierre. Repeatedly.

Bisping repeated himself, more or less, and GSP informed him that it was him actually touching St-Pierre first and not the other way around. When Bisping kept it up, St-Pierre let his guard down a bit:

“I’m not afraid of you, I don’t give a damn,” GSP said. “I will break you, man. I will break you.

“Touch me again, I’m gonna break you.”

Bisping, of course, had a response:

“You little f—king nerd. Look at you, look at the state of you. You don’t do f—k all man. You won’t do a f—king thing. I’ll break your f—king jaw. Don’t try and act tough, because it doesn’t suit you. You look stupid.”

Bisping then walked away. St-Pierre turned around to talk to someone, and a small child that had been standing there ran away from him. That was actually pretty funny.

Not exactly Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz throwing water bottles, but someone entertaining nonetheless.