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TUF Redemption winner Jesse Taylor accepts 1-year USADA suspension

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The winner of the Ultimate Fighter season 25 has accepted a 1-year suspension stemming from his failed drug test for clomiphene.

Esther Lin|MMA Fighting

Often it seems that it takes months to find out the results of a USADA investigation into a flagged drug test. Occasionally, news of the actual suspension duration doesn’t even come to light until the suspension is all but over. So, it’s somewhat surprising then, that just under a month after TUF 25 winner Jesse Taylor was pulled from UFC Sydney over a failed drug test, the verdict is in.

Taylor will serve a 1-year suspension stemming for a positive out-of-competition test for clomiphene, collected on August 22nd. USADA announced the decision in a press release on their website:

“Taylor’s one-year period of ineligibility, the highest sanction for a first offense involving a Specified Substance, began on September 13, 2017,” the statement reads, “the date his provisional suspension was imposed. As a result of his positive test, Taylor was removed from the Card for the UFC Fight Night event in Sydney, Australia, scheduled for November 18, 2017.”

In a new twist for the UFC’s testing agency, USADA also released a brief explanation of why clomiphene is listed as a banned substance, and what potential performance enhancing effects it may have.

“Clomiphene is not approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the male population, as its use has not been thoroughly studied for safety and efficacy. Clomiphene also indirectly promotes the secretion of testosterone. Increasing testosterone, especially when combined with strength training, has been demonstrated to increase fat-free mass, muscle size, and strength in males, potentially leading to performance enhancement in sport.”

For his part, Taylor has not yet issued an updated statement on the suspension. However, he did express his innocence in an Instagram post back in September, when the positive test was first made public.

“The truth will come to Light!” Taylor wrote on social media. “I am just as shocked and surprised by this tragedy. Our Team is looking into this matter. Let due process do it work before judging on the matter. Those that know me know this is wrong. We will Fight this and I will be back. I am sorry to Aussie friends and fans but that fight is off due to to this matter I am very bummed but we will get to bottom of this. I'll Be BaCk☝️”

Whatever was at the bottom of his flagged test, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have done Taylor much good. And it’s an inauspicious black-mark for what had been an inspiring run on the UFC’s reality TV series.