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Condit agrees with Woodley’s critics: ‘You gotta try to put your opponent out’

Carlos Condit agrees with the criticisms thrown at Tyron Woodley for not being able to decisively win his recent fights.

Prior to his stint as the undisputed welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley was known as one of the hardest punchers in the UFC. But since his first title defense against Stephen Thompson at UFC 205, he has been criticized for his inability to finish his opponents.

UFC president Dana White was vocal about his disdain for Woodley’s performance at UFC 214 against Demian Maia. So much so that he retracted a previous promise of having Woodley face Georges St-Pierre for the title.

Another individual that agrees with the criticisms against Woodley is former interim champion, Carlos Condit. In his interview with Ariel Helwani on Monday’s MMA Hour episode, “The Natural Born Killer” pointed out the importance of entertainment value in their fights.

“I can definitely see where the critics are coming from,” Condit said (via MMA Fighting). “We’re athletes but we’re also entertainers, people by the pay-per-view to be entertained. That’s part of this. This is show business. I know that winning is super important and a game plan is super important, but at some point you have to, this is the hurt business and you gotta to try to put your opponent out.”

“You know he’s obviously a super, super talented dude. I did watch the last fight against Maia. I felt like he at a time where he could he really could have turned it on and tried to finish, he didn’t.”

Condit will be returning from a year-long hiatus against Neil Magny at UFC 219 on December 30th in Las Vegas.