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UFC 217: Garbrandt to Dillashaw: You’re like a prostitute bouncing around from gyms

Cody Garbrandt took shots at his UFC 217 opponent TJ Dillashaw for bouncing around a bunch of gyms.

MMA: UFC 207-Garbrandt vs Cruz Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Former teammates turned bitter rivals in Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw once again had some strong words for each other while fielding questions from the media.

“I wouldn’t say (there’s) pressure. It’s more getting camp situated,” Dillashaw said, when about his preparations during the UFC 217 pre-fight press conference. “Getting in and out of it, making sure not to overtrain.”

This is when the bantamweight champ interrupted him to take shots related to the roots of their rivalry: Dillashaw leaving Team Alpha Male.

“You mean bouncing around from camps,” Garbrandt said. “You left Colorado. You’re out in California. You’re like a prostitute in the corner, bouncing around from gyms.”

Dillashaw originally left Team Alpha Male to train at Colorado with the Elevation Fight Team, which led to a very public falling out with Urijah Faber, Garbrandt and other former teammates.

While still working with Duane Ludwig, Dillashaw is currently hosting this camp in California. With a small group that includes UFC featherweight Cub Swanson, Dillashaw has been training in various gyms in the area such as the Gracie Barra HQ, the Treigning Lab and Indio Boxing Club among others.

“At least I’m out learning new shit,” Dillashaw retorted.

Garbrandt has trusted the coaches and the deep roster of training partners in Team Alpha Male for most of his career, while Dillashaw has decided to cross-train and work with a more varied team. Cody uses this to take shots at his lack of “loyalty,” while TJ criticizes what he feels to be a lack of “learning.”

We can’t really give a blanket statement on which is the “correct” approach, as these situations really depend on what works, what fits, and what’s important for the individual. But as for how their fight actually plays out, as Garbrandt says, “we’ll find out November 4th, won’t we?”