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This Week in Knockouts: Petr Yan, Michael Duut, Cosmo Alexandre and much more

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Check out all the best knockouts from this past September 24-30 week of fights, including kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Just because there wasn’t a UFC event this week, doesn’t mean there wasn’t any combat sports action worth watching. The MMA world never stops turning for the really hardcore fight fan. Throw in some kickboxing and some Muay Thai and there’s plenty action out there for those in need of a fix.

Fortunately MMA Twitter stalwarts Caposa, Jolassanda, and Jonnyboy are tending the streams to help make sure nothing goes unseen.

Jungle Fight, Absolute Championship Berkut, and Fight Nights Global – along with some smaller shows – all put on events this last week, providing plenty of high quality knockouts. Glory Kickboxing held their own event as well, along with Lion Fights Muay Thai. So, sit back and enjoy the finishes

*NOTE: This post is gif heavy and may have trouble loading on smart phones.


Jose Gomes (8-2) lands a crushing overhand right on Valdir Sabino (9-7).

Marcus Lopes (12-6) with a flurry of hooks in round 1 to defeat Douglas Humberto (9-6).

Rafael de Souza (4-1) with the long right hook to stop Junior Marques (7-1) in Round 1.


Petr Yan (8-1) with the left hook and some ground and pound to finish Matheus Mattos (11-1).

Aslambek Saidov (21-5) with a right hook and a wild flurry of strikes to stop Marcelo Alfaya (18-8).

Oleg Borisov (20-2) lands a bomb on Murad Kalamov (8-2) in round 1.


Zelim Imadaev (7-0) finishes off Yuri Izotov (9-9) with a spinning back elbow.


Bao She Ri Gu Leng with the slam KO over Lee Hyung Seok at Superstar Fight.

Alexey Efremov (19-7) with a crushing right hook and GnP elbows to defeat Ildemar Alcantara (21-12) at Akhmat Fight Club’s WFCA 42.


Michael Duut with two powerful KO’s at Glory 45.

Mladen Brestovac with the headkick KO on Hesdy Gerges.

Egawa Yuki with the left hook KO on Nabeshima Koichiro at K-1 Krush.

Cosmo Alexandre with a gorgeous (but illegal) knee and followup KO on Mikhail Romanchuk at Superstar Fight.


Cris Mims nails the spinning back elbow KO on Brian Bogue at Lion Fight 38.

And a switch kick KO from Jafar Toshev on Jonathan George:

So Mi Ong with the front kick KO on Phongpat Chor.Polchamni at Muay Xtreme.

Kantanyulek Sitpalang with the clinch knee KO over Soe Mo Aung.

And finally, Khalilov Tagir with the elbow combination on Chor Chanathip at MAX Muay Thai.