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Video: Fighter submits opponent with Boston Crab pro-wrestling move

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Check out this unique Boston Crab submission caught on video from FCC 19 over the weekend.

Well, it was bound to happen. A full on pro wrestling Boston Crab – or Walls of Jericho if you’re a Chris Jericho fan – was used to finish an MMA fight this past Saturday inside of the Full Contact Contender promotion. Jonno Mears (2-0) from Bury MMA, scored the pro wrestling-based submission on Aaron Jones in the first round of their FCC 19 tilt.

The video – posted to FCC’s YouTube account – shows Mears scramble into the funky position, and then just kind of go with it, sitting back and putting all sorts of pressure on his opponent’s back and midsection until he got the tap.

Technically a Walls of Jericho is an elevated boston crab, which is applied higher on the opponent’s body than a regular boston crab and torques the spine more. And that’s what this is. It actually is a perfectly-applied Walls of Jericho that got a tap in an MMA fight.

You don’t see that everyday.