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Chael Sonnen was ‘slow to get around’ on out-of-competition testing, but he’s there now

Speaking about his upcoming fight with Tito Ortiz in Bellator, Chael Sonnen sounds like he’s on board with getting drug tested more often.

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By the end of his UFC run Chael Sonnen had made quite a name for himself. Not just as a brash title contender who went to extremes to hype his bouts, or as a solid in-the-booth talking head during UFC broadcasts, but also as a notorious PED user.

And it’s not only that Sonnen got busted (he did, three times), or that failing those final two drug tests put and end to his UFC and MMA career. But, in the aftermath, Sonnen was incredibly open about his PED use and methods for skirting MMA’s rule book. In interviews and on podcasts, Sonnen gave details as to how and why he chose to use performance enhancing drugs, even detailing how he kept from getting caught. It was rare candor, especially so soon in the wake of controversy.

Of course, Sonnen is back competing now. After a few years out of the cage, he’s signed up with Bellator where he’ll be fighting Tito Ortiz. And as part of his bout agreement, he has to undergo random drug testing. This time around, however, Sonnen tells MMA Fighting that he’s happy to comply:

“You have to understand, when you’re a guy who has my background who is coming off a suspension, that’s the way it goes,” Sonnen said. “You’re going to have more testing and regulation than the other guys. That’s just fair, man.”
“There are things that are in bounds and out of bounds and that’s it. I lived on the other side of the tracks and came in clean on fight night. Now that doesn’t happen like that any more, it’s around the clock and it’s out of competition. The rules have changed, and you have to change with them. I was a little slow to get around on that but I’m there now.”

Sonnen has already had two out-of-competition tests ahead of his fight with Ortiz on January 21st. And according to the California State Athletic Commission, he’s passed both of them. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more updates on Bellator 170 and Sonnen vs. Ortiz as the fight approaches.

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