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Rothwell: ‘Man-whore’ Browne switched camps for money, found ‘sugar mama’ Ronda Rousey

Ben Rothwell rips on fellow heavyweight Travis Browne for switching to Ronda Rousey’s camp at the Glendale Fighting Club.

20th Anniversary Erasing The Stigma Leadership Awards - Arrivals Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Heavyweight contender Travis Browne was once part of the Jackson-Winklejohn Academy out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. But after his loss to Fabricio Werdum in 2014, he decided to switch camps and move to the Glendale Fighting Club, under Ronda Rousey’s striking coach Edmond Taverdyan.

It was a decision that was previously called out by trainer Mike Winklejohn, who says his former fighter “put all his eggs in one basket” for making such a career move. But for fellow heavyweight Ben Rothwell, Browne’s reasons may have been because of financial reasons, among others.

“He’s one of the guys – I try to be nice to him and cool, and the more I learn about him, the more of his history, he’s one of those guys that’s just a man-whore,” Rothwell told Sirius XM’s “Fight Club” (via MMA Junkie). “He’s a phony, and a lot of (expletive) pisses me off with him. Why did you suddenly leave a great camp that made him good and move to a (expletive) gym that’s got a lot of guys losing? For me, I think it was a financial thing. He went there and found a sugar mama in his girlfriend. He’s just looking to get himself taken care of.”

Since moving to GFC, Browne put on a 2-3 record including a recent two-fight losing streak, a first in his career. And like many others, “Big Ben” has pointed to the switch as the main reason.

“He’s got some brains in, like, ‘Why should I fight? I’ll just get her to pay for everything.’ It’s a good financial move on his part, but it hasn’t done his personal career any good and a lot of people think the guy has regressed and he’s not getting any better.”

“He’s lost his footwork, he’s lost a lot of different things that made him good,” Rothwell continued. “We’re going to find out with Derrick Lewis. Is the guy going to get motivated? That’s one thing about our sport you can look like you’re just out of it and forgotten about then next thing you know you can resurge yourself.”

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