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Rampage Jackson in legal battle to keep his home

The MMA legend is in a legal fight over an Orange County house, for the most absurd reason.

BELLATOR 157 - Rampage v Ishi Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court on Dec. 30 in a battle to keep his home. According to his complaint, the Bellator heavyweight and MMA legend purchased the home on July 25, 2010 for $1,150,000 in cash.

The next part is where things get weird. In order to keep his anonymity, Rampage apparently didn’t put the title to the house under his own name, nor under the name of an entity he controlled. Rampage claims his manager Howard Denis Joseph Gwynn advised him to record the title under Jazella, purportedly one of Gwynn’s businesses.

Per the complaint, “Due to [Jackson’s] celebrity as a mixed martial-arts fighter, instead of taking title to the Subject Property in his name as an individual, with the advice and guidance of his business partner and manager, non-party Howard Denis Joseph Gwynn (director of Jazella), [Jackson] decided to purchase the Subject Property in such a way that Jazella would be known as the record titleholder.”

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When his relationship with Gwynn began to deteriorate, Rampage says he “made efforts” to move the property into his name. But it may have been too late. Rampage alleges that Gwynn, through Jazella, “purported to sell the Subject Property to defendants Breckenridge and Wedgewood” on Nov. 1, 2016. The latter two companies are LLCs that Rampage claims “…intend to unlawfully dispossess [Jackson] and his family and children from the Subject Property…”

Rampage is suing Jazella, Breckenridge, and Wedgewood for quiet title, unjust enrichment, and declaratory relief.

The lesson for fighters is clear and should’ve been obvious. Take advice from your manager but always put your assets in your own name or the name of an entity you control. Always.

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