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Rampage Jackson uncertain of future, doesn’t want to wear UFC’s ‘ugly-ass’ Reebok shorts

Quinton Jackson’s career is winding down, but after a bout with King Mo in Bellator, he may have to fight out a UFC contract.

Quinton Rampage Jackson post-fight UFC 186 by Esther Lin
quinton rampage jackson, ufc 186

At Bellator 170 earlier this month, the promotion announced a somewhat-puzzling rematch between Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal and MMA legend Quinton Jackson. The fight will take place at Bellator 175, but they still haven’t announced where the fight will actually take place. This is something that is frustrating Jackson, and with this being the last fight on his Bellator contract, it doesn’t seem like he’ll returning.

In fact, he thinks he’ll have to fight out a UFC contract he signed in 2014 during his whole fiasco where he ended up competing at UFC 186 and defeating Fabio Maldonado.

As a guest on The MMA Hour, Rampage explained why his future may lie in the UFC, what he doesn’t like about that idea (ie. Reebok), and where his heart is really interested in fighting.

On his future (via MMA Fighting):

“If the TV stuff takes off, I’ll retire from fighting,” Jackson said. “If not, I’ll finish up my contract (with the UFC), finish up my stuff and then retire.”

On what he doesn’t like about a possible UFC return:

“I don’t want to look like all the other fighters,” Jackson said. “I’ve been proud to not be or act or look like any other fighters. I don’t want to have to wear the same outfit that the other fighters wear. I don’t want to blend in. I’m nothing like the other fighters. I don’t really want to look like them. I don’t want to wear the ugly-ass shorts they wear.”

Rampage actually had a Reebok deal before the UFC ever signed a company-wide deal with them, but they wouldn’t let him wear his Reebok stuff in the cage because they didn’t pay the sponsor tax. Now, he would be forced to wear their gear and he’s not happy about it at all.

His current thoughts on Bellator:

“I just wish that things would be a little bit different with Bellator, a little bit better,” Jackson said. “I wish I knew where the venue was right away and stuff like that. The fight is like eight weeks away, how do you not know where the venue is? I got my family texting me, like, ‘Man, we want to get our tickets now, we want to get our flights now.’”

Where he would really like to fight if given the choice:

“I wouldn’t mind going back to Japan and fight,” Jackson said. “That’s what my heart really wants to do.”

Bellator 175 goes down on March 31st.

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