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Jorge Masvidal recalls post-fight conversation with Donald Cerrone’s grandma: ‘That was a heart blow’

Jorge Masvidal was not able to maintain his bad guy image after a post-fight conversation with Donald Cerrone’s grandmother.

Jorge Masvidal has always put on a “bad guy” persona during the build-up of his fights. He put on the same black hat entering his fight on Saturday night against the streaking Donald Cerrone.

“Gamebred” ended winning via second round TKO and a $50,000 post-fight bonus, beating Cerrone in front of his home crowd. Among those in attendance was Cerrone’s grandmother, whom “Cowboy” remains close with.

After the fight backstage, Masvidal had a brief conversation with grandma Cerrone, a moment which he recalled was a bit heart-wrenching.

“Man, she killed me, man. That was like a heart blow,” Masvidal told Megan Olivi. “She just came up to me and she said, ‘that’s my grandson, and you’re a great fighter, and nobody has taken out my grandson like that.’”

“I might be a bad guy, but things like that, they get me. I don’t wanna beat nobody in front of their mom or grandma. I have kids, I couldn’t imagine seeing my kids going in there. That hurt a little bit.”

Masvidal may have been the aggressor even before they both stepped inside the cage, but he reiterated that he has nothing but utmost respect for a fighter like Cerrone.

“After the stoppage, I looked over when he stood up I looked him right in the eyes and he was completely out of it. When he sat down, and then about 25-30 seconds later I managed to get eye contact from him. He wasn’t looking at me, but he was looking around and I could see he was still out of it.”

“He’s a warrior. The shot that I hit him with and the couple shots that I hit him with on the ground, not a lot of dudes would get back up and want to keep going, but he actually he did. He gave it all he had. He’s got all my respect in the world.”