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UFC on FOX 23 video highlights: Valentina Shevchenko submits Julianna Pena by armbar

Check out Valentina Shevchenko showing off her guard game by submitting Juliana Pena in the UFC on FOX 23 main event.

The main event for UFC on FOX 23 saw Valentina Shevchenko submit Juliana Pena with a wicked armbar from guard. Juliana Pena started the bout by closing the distance right away, as she pressed Shevchenko against the cage to chip away with knees to the body. Shevchenko caught a beautiful trip as Pena threw a knew, landing on top of side control, but Pena was quick to get back to her feet. Pena continued her pressing attack, but once again, was caught off-guard with a Shevchenko trip. Pena was unable to get back to her feet but managed to lock up an armbar right as round 1 expired.

Pena was again able to close the distance in the second stanza, spending a lot of time looking for the takedown. Shevchenko gave up the takedown with about 2 minutes left in round 2, and was able to avoid any major damage before locking up an armbar that Pena was unable to escape. You can expect Shevchenko to be next in line to face Amanda Nunes for the UFC women’s bantamweight belt.

Watch Valentina Shevchenko snag a killer armbar on Juliana Pena:

Check out Tim Burke's play-by-play of round 2 of Valentina Shevchenko vs. Juliana Pena:

Round 2 - Pena complained of an injured shoulder in the corner. She charged over and clinched up right away looking for a takedown. Shevchenko didn't let it happen though. They're mostly stalled out, though Pena is still throwing a knee now and again. They trade knees. Pena almost gets a takedown but the whizzer stops it. Pena pulls Shevchenko out from the cage, and trips her to the floor. Very nice. Pena with body shots. Shevchenko throwing punches from the bottom. Shevchenko briefly looks for an armbar but Pena swats it away. She tries again. She's flattened it out! Rolled over and the arm is bent at an ugly angle! Pena taps!

Valentina Shevchenko defeated Julianna Pena by submission (armbar), round 2

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