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Daniel Cormier fires back at Gina Carano: You can’t advise Ronda because you left when things got tough

UFC light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier fires back at Gina Carano’s comments that he should be “ashamed” for his assessment of her career.

MMA: UFC 200-Cormier vs Silva Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Cormier’s back-and-forth with former women’s MMA contender, Gina Carano is still well underway. Cormier was not a fan of Carano’s advice to Ronda Rousey regarding her career future, telling her to “do whatever she wants to do,” and that she should “express herself creatively.”

Daniel sounded off on Carano’s acting career and other “bad choices” he felt she’s made. Gina responded, saying that Cormier should be “ashamed” of his assessment of her.

Now, in a brand new TMZ video, the current light heavyweight champion says he’s glad he upset her, and that it might be just the fire she needs to get back in the cage again.

“She can’t really advise Ronda in terms of fighting, because when it got tough, she left. It’s not in my character to walk away when things get tough, so I’m saying, why does that opinion matter? We don’t want Ronda to do what you did, because you left!”

He went on to reminisce about why he tuned in to watch Gina’s fights.

“That’s the Gina Carano I tuned in to watch—the fiery Gina Carano, the girl that’s showing some gumption. Maybe I’ll piss her off enough that she goes, ‘You know what, I’m gonna go and fight again and prove that I didn’t run away from the sport.’”

Cormier reiterated that he has every right to voice his opinion on his show, UFC Tonight, despite Carano’s apparent ire over his opinion that she has a “damaged goods” moniker stemming from her immediate retirement following her 2009 loss to Cris Cyborg.

“What if Gina is still damaged from the Cyborg fight? And because I brought that up, she got upset. I was within my right. I have an open forum—that’s my TV show, UFC Tonight, every Wednesday on FS1 at 6 o’clock Pacific—I get to share my opinion. I’m entitled to it.”

In the end, he’s still quite complimentary of the version of Carano that’s sprung forth from their heated debate.

“I like this one, this Gina Carano. She’s fired up.”

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