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Schwarzenegger boots cheatin’ Chael Sonnen from Celebrity Apprentice

When it rains, it pours. On the heels of his loss to Tito Ortiz at Bellator 170, the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice hit the airwaves, and Chael Sonnen ended up on the losing end there too.

It may be Trump’s America, by Chael Sonnen was living in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s world. That world being the reality TV land of the Celebrity Apprentice. Schwarzenegger recently took over the long running pseudo-game show from the current commander in chief. And this week he got to drop the hammer on Sonnen.

Sonnen and his celebrity teammates were pushing the deadline on their project for the week, when Sonnen decided to buy them more time by cutting the cord to their computer. Apparently, in the case of a technical malfunction, he and his teammates would get more time to finish.

"On all of these tasks, we have deadlines and deadlines have to be met,” Sonnen told the cameras. “And we're running out of time. We're going to lose this task based on time. That's not gonna happen. Not on my watch."

So, Sonnen casually strolled over to the team’s computer where they were working and clipped the cord with a pair of scissors.

"Here's the thing with time, any time there's a technical error your clock stops. So I go, 'Alright, I'm gonna go over to that computer right there and I'm gonna cut the cord,’” Sonnen explained. “‘That's gonna give us an error. For a two dollar pair of scissors and some creativity, I can stop the clock and we can keep working on this task.'"

"In spite of this heroic and brilliant move on my part,” he continued, “I didn't feel like a big hero. I felt like a guy that knew if we had a technical difficulty we got more time."

“The American Gangster” even went so far as to give himself a pre-emptive thank you, on behalf of his team, for saving them. They apparently promptly tattled on him.

"It's helpful to have doctors, it's helpful to have lawyers on your team, and, at some point, it's helpful to have a gangster,” Sonnen postulated. “So, to Carson Kressley, you're welcome."

"Cutting the cord bought us the time that we needed. It was a creative move. It's one that should be valued and appreciated."

He tried to defend himself to his “boss” once the allegations were brought to light, explaining that he was merely working within the rules.

"Governor, this was not cheating, this was a great move,” Sonnen explained to Schwarzenegger. “I'm very glad that we did this. Here's how the rules read: You have to finish by 7:45. At 7:43 we were not done. You get one exception, which is technical difficulty. So, with a little creativity and some scissors, I gave us a technical difficulty."

But, nothin’ doin’.

"Chael, I know that you think this is a gray area,” Schwarzenegger said. “But, in my world, this is not a gray area. I will not tolerate cheaters in my boardroom. You're fired."

That puts Sonnen firmly at 0-2 for the month of January. Next up he’s looking to finally settle the score with old foe Wanderlei Silva. Hopefully, by the time that fight gets made, his luck will have improved.