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Video: Chinzo Machida talks late start to MMA, return of Lyoto Machida

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Bellator 170’s Chinzo Machida spoke with Bloody Elbow about being ‘young in MMA,’ his brother’s return, and what to expect from him on Saturday night.

Unlike his younger brother Lyoto Machida, 39-year-old Chinzo Machida is looking to make a splash into the sport of MMA at later stage in his life. With only six fights under his belt, Machida is gearing up for his sophomore appearance for the Viacom brand of MMA this Saturday night at Bellator 170. Before he faces the 2-0 Jamar Ocampo, Chinzo Machida spoke with Bloody Elbow about his late start to MMA, when to expect his brother’s return to competition, and even drops a prediction for his fight on Saturday night.

Although he has been a prize fighter since 2005, the 4-2 Chinzo Machida talks about being young in MMA:

“I got a lot of experience in my brother’s corner and karate tournaments, as karate competitions. I’m still young in MMA but I’m older, like 39 years old to start an MMA career. But I don’t worry about my age so far because I feel very confident, I feel fast, I feel strong. I feel good with my partners during the training so that makes me feel comfortable inside of the cage.”

Are you still training at the Gracie Academy?

“Yeah, I train with the Gracie’s and I also train with Allan Goes, he’s a Carlson Gracie student.”

Will your brother Lyoto Machida be in your corner on Saturday night?

“Yeah, I think so. Yes. He will be in my corner.”

Can we expect your brother to return to MMA competition?

“He will return in September or October; I’m not sure. He’s still training. He trains every day and he never stopped, never quit. He’s waiting for his return for sure. He’s going to have a good fight in September, maybe October.”

Prediction for your fight with Jamar Ocampo?

“I will try to win my fight with my technique ... For sure I’d like to knock him out.” [Insert big smile]

Watch Chinzo Machida take on Jamar Ocampo this Saturday night at Bellator 170. The prelims will stream live on Bloody Elbow with the main card airing live on Spike TV at 9:00 P.M. EST/6:00 P.M. PST. Stay tuned for all of your Bellator 170 event coverage including interviews, results, highlights, and more!