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Dana White to Floyd Mayweather: ‘You’re going to need $25 million real quick, pal’

The UFC president sounds pretty confident that Floyd Mayweather will come around to accepting his $25 million offer to fight Conor McGregor.

UFC 205: Press Conference Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The UFC offered Floyd Mayweather more money than they’ve ever offered any other fighter in the promotion’s 20-year history, and he laughed it away. 25 million dollars was the exact figure Dana White & Co. offered Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather both, to take part in a bout inside the UFC Octagon. For a fighter like Mayweather, who has been guranteed more than $30 million a fight for most of the last decade, it wasn’t enough.

Or at least that’s what Mayweather is saying now. But, given a few more months (and maybe a big bill from the IRS) and White seems relatively confident that “Money” will start seeing things his way. That’s what he told TMZ Sports in a recent interview, anyhow (transcript via MMAMania).

"First of all, Floyd thinks he's so much bigger than Conor. He's wrong," said White in a recent video submission to TMZ Sports. "Floyd has gone undefeated for 20 years and I give him all the credit in the world for doing that. Conor has been around for three or four years. For him to think that he's a much bigger star than Conor isn't true. I'm not going to pay him way more money than I'm going to pay my guy."

"We all know $25 million isn't peanuts and so does he," added White. "He's hanging his watch out the window, his watch is the problem. When you're wearing a watch that is $250,000 you're going to need $25 million real quick, pal. Hey, Floyd. Taxes are coming up, too, buddy. Gonna be all over you, pal."

Dana White may be dreading the tax man too this year, having banked a nifty $300+ million dollars in the UFC sale in 2016. Perhaps come May, both sides will be a little more eager to sit down at the bargaining table and figure out how to get back some of the money they just sent Uncle Sam.